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ok quite sure liao wunt get 11a1s

wat do i feel? relief? perhaps. dun want to be interviewed. if RI only produced a 11A1s person it's perhaps ong chin siang or ray... dunno lar but a bit sad lar hor.

11:30 a.m. - 2003-02-28



andrew gave me inspiration: to sleep now, get into bed, and see when i get up tml. den just prepare and go to school. simple yar dun even haf to decide when to wake up / set alarm clock / do what. just let my biological clock do it. just hope i dun get waken up by my nightmares (wif weiling inside)

10:28 p.m. - 2003-02-27



feeling strange now. first of all let me tell u wat i feel abt the odac selection: nothing. nothing exciting at all. and shawn was like still asking me whether i checked the board so tt he can tell me i was not selected (hai stupid boy)

den it's o levels. tml. 2.30pm. wat if the teachers oreadi noe in the morning. den dey see me and dey dun smile den i noe i'm screwed. urgh, palms starting to sweat like b4 history when i had yet to start/finish studying. nvm dun want a nightmare... sleep now?

9:56 p.m. - 2003-02-27



perhaps i'm really shocked. cos only auntie jojo is online on my list... amazing? wat time is it liao still nobody at home. am i the only wu liao person at home now? i hope not. but apparently so.

anyway today was an interesting day as well. began not very well i must say, first of all was late for the 7.05 bus which unfortunately came at 7.03. so took a 7.15 bus on which i saw gabriel kwek and whom i started tokking to. den got off with him opp bt timah plaza, took a cab, cost me 4.50. i dunno where my money went, started the day wif $15!!! now left wif wat? $3.20... later on must figure out. okok just do it now. $1.50 for vege lunch. $1.30 for fruits. $1 for qoo. $1 for m&ms. $1.30 for kinder bueno. $1.30 for toblerone. ok wait tt means i earned ten cents. oh my god how did i do tt man, spending so much!

ok den physics practical we had tt marble thingie. quite interesting. first physics experiment after all... den maths lecture? wah eric was tokking so much the lecturer noticed us. and den was like the guy wearing a jacket. if it's not me who else har??? haha am i like blaming him too much? perhaps. but i'm definitely not the one who started the conversations. anyway after tt had break? maths tutorial we did nothing. just tried the cutting another piece of thingie. iq. interesting but not as fascinating as most of us thought it wuld be. den chem lecture. well dr chan was rather funny thruout and somehow though many jokes are lame we just laff along. yes and was i a bit rude for like correcting him the nitrogen and not the 'N' was the central atom? dun think so... haha. and i was so clever to noe dimer... not bad not bad :P ok let's see that was the end of the day. just went home. but was so damn tired, sleepy, slept on the bus, nearly missed my stop. interestingly i was trying to learn abt procedures upon arriving and when departing a bus stop. e.g. pressing the up button to change 0.5 fare stage per stop. moving the lever and pressing a button to operate the doors (unfortunately i haf yet to find out how they work cos i fell asleep though i meant to observe how it works)

yup tt's it. might actually sleep now.

3:58 p.m. - 2003-02-27



*"whether or not" is often misused...

well today was a long day.

the bio pracs seemed to start out well, until i decided tt the prac was perhaps marked upon 5 and not 25 so tt at least i can get full marks for once. but tt was actually cos my results were screwed, all not intense enuff, i wonder y. but i tot the xperimental technique was really not bad and the results seemed to turn out fine just tt it didnt sound theoretically correct. yar so actually i'm happy wif my 5 marks. den was the break during which i went to the music studio and practised my grade 8 pieces on the grand piano. was i pleased with my playing! chem tutorial was rather interesting, ppl had the wrong concept of filling up an ion just by looking at the number of electrons and totally starting from scratch. okok den was bio test for which i obviously totally seriously unbelievably actually din mug. turned out fine apart from the last "rare amino acid" shud do quite well for it.

after school yvette and tom went to donate blood. brave souls. kind souls. whole process was not tt scary actually. most time spent on preparation and recovery. den while the rest of the class went out for lunch and ghim moh, we headed for mrt since honlyn needed to go to the airport. on the way bought a kit kat. anyway yes we got off at city hall. went to suntec, found out there was no movie showing at that time. bought newspapers to check, walked back and took mrt to dhoby ghaut / ps and watched marry wat wat mafia. seriously din think it was dat interesting, i mean it doesnt suit me lar. was bz trying to keep my eyes open to read subtitles, sometimes i just allow them to shut for controllable periods of time. yes then took neoprints which i wasnt too excited abt either, partially bcos i dunno how to take fotos and bcos i'm just not the type who'd bother to pose? yes yes i was actually glad tt we just took our heads for the diamond one, which lucky yingheng chose. tt was the best picture... anyway must say it was an ok day, just tt my mother's pissed again but cant be bothered any more? but more importantly the whole outing made me reflect on a few things.

the most pressing matter is my lack of responsibility. face it. i din noe where i placed the movie tickets. i think i shud learn to remember where i place things so i dun waste time trying to find misplaced objects. really as in ppl arent pissed wif me but hey to haf kept the tickets i took on the responsibility and shud learn to bear tt in mind.

next thing being: i've come so far this year. to change from a more or less always stay at home person to a go out rather often guy. issit gd? perhaps it isnt. are my grades suffering. i wuld haf to wait and c. but am i changing myself and my life. must i like change myself to like the movie i jsut watched so tt i can be the same as others? to follow the trends and listen to pop songs? do i haf to? perhaps not. until now i'm still rather determined not to anyway. but tt leaves me out of many conversations i noe. yes but who cares.

then it's the taste part. i've weird taste? it's just so strange. as in i've nver had confidence in my taste in terms of colours, songs, movies, or beauty for that matter. like whether a girl is chio or not? the only thing tt i can agree wif most ppl on is probably whether food is delicious. now isnt tt very sad? is it bcos i nver do evaluate things and derefore am nver able to list what my favourite ? is?

wait wait b4 i 4get, i realised tt jc life's bz cos we haf to wait till 5.10 for activities to start.

okok tt's all for now gd nite

9:23 p.m. - 2003-02-26



dammit my mum's so irritating

keep scolding me for going out...

i noe i'm going out quite a lot, perhaps neglecting my studies, but still dun haf to scold every time right!!!

8:01 p.m. - 2003-02-26



read a few ppl's blogs/diaries and found yar i suppose everyone's really finding jc life fun. now isnt tt gd news. as of now i still find it enjoyable. cos really it's activity-ful, esp when i'm in odac which nver ends b4 8... i think by now i've to admit, to accept the fact tt my results wuld haf to be affected in some way or another for sure cos come on wat time do i haf to study? really dun haf. stuff's supposed to be harder though i dun really find it so. it's just the gp which i will improve on. by reading newspapers?... anyway today played the piano and was very pleased wif myself, wonderful sound i produced. was singing as well, with a rather beautiful tone... but found out tt i tend to go sharp nowadays. voice isnt really lost after all.

ran 3 laps in 4.29.44 not bad at all

oh now 115 pounds. amazing. put on 10 pounds this year. i guess it's due to either pt or excessive snack consumption.

wat abt friends in jc so far? hey i realised this thing: tt somehow everyone ard me is really nice. as in yar very. tt's y i am no longer nice. i mean look at it this way, in ri i was known to be nice. more or less. slightly more outstanding i suppose. now everyone's like tt. perhaps tt's y i enjoy everyone's company.

jc workload does not kill. i think it's just the cca tt kills. y does everyone think it kills? u noe wat, the main reason is bcos ppl dun like to read beyond the syllabus. let me say this again. i noe i said it last yr but let me say this again, i think ppl who rather not learn things outside the syllabus are really useless ppl. as in if u can cope, y not? wat's wrong wif noeing more? and i think one very important aspect of studying is tt u must read things from different pts of view to absorb, to truly get an objective view, to genuinely understand descriptions or explanations. see? chan ter yue notes provide tt. hey ppl dun like it. yes eva hor notes are more precise. but too precise. cant even a level questions sometimes. u noe wat. eva hor notes are good provided u oreadi noe ur stuff n u're studying for ur tests with either little time left or u're studying the whole syllabus. get wat i mean? cos essentially i realised notes tt i make are similar to eva hor's. they make sense only for abt a week or 2 after u make dem. after tt they're as gd as rubbish cos u simply simplify too much, every bullet is actually an impt point but wat happens is u tend to leave some pts out when looking at the summarised summary. cos just now after reading campbell i read thru eva hor again and yes found the key pts written there. so u c eva hor-type of notes are not for first time reading. they are for last minute preparation. dun believe?

anyway yes. so let's mug for bio? haha yes let's start.

oh and b4 i 4get, actually the piling up since to have disappeared, as in i seem to be able to clear my stuff apart from gp. it's really quite relaxing now.

9:32 p.m. - 2003-02-25



today's odac was exceptionally long wif the appraisals. not bad lar was quite frank, quite interesting. oh and i got totally drenched thanx to eugene in my sch u. anyway today the worst thing is probably my essay which i cant write. totally screwed. MUST READ MORE AND WRITE MORE, REGARDLESS OF AMT OF WORK UNLESS IT'S TESTS THAT WE'RE TOKKING ABT. ALSO EXPAND VOCAB AND LEARN NEW GRAMMAR. VERY IMPORTANT. GOAL IS TO ACHIEVE EASE IN WRITING BY JUNE.

9:57 p.m. - 2003-02-24



want to know what i just did?? i was so stupid... trying to dry my pe attire so tt tml i haf 2 sets to wear

set the iron to max. left it on the board. the whole sheet of thingie melted onto the iron and den i had to scrub it off. i feel clever. plus one screwed iron board... ahhh and my mother is pissed wif me. and i dunno y i'm going for btc cos i'm tired and tired and haf no time to study yet i'm packing and dunno doing wat else... ahhh help me!!!!!!

9:04 p.m. - 2003-02-20



look! this is going to be hard and impossible but yes i'd haf to do the following by tonight...

finish packing

finish binomial and finish wateva else outstanding hw.

study for bio and physics...

yes can leave chem for next time.

by the way i am feeling a bit lost as well, dunno if i'm sick or wat... suddenly feel as though everything is suddenly piling up and i cant clear anything cos the thing i need to clear most urgently is right at the bottom of the stack... yar. so. anyway quite awkward on the mrt just now, dunno y, probably bcos of me cos i was keeping rather silent thruout

6:16 p.m. - 2003-02-20



erm let's c last month i was online for some 2222 minutes. (another set of repeated numbers... ) tt's a lot of time. my mum's right. i shud use tt to study. so from now on i think i shall just come online every 3 days. tt's the max... cos still haf piano. yupz

4:15 p.m. - 2003-02-20



wow wasnt today interesting...

(oh of cos yesterday there were 3 ppl sitting in a row on the bus, and they were all wearing the same shoe)

ok so saw hui fang/you li again on 184 (as in they were on the bus), den i got on the 75, turned out of cashew rd, saw them at the bus stop. anyway there was no assembly so lessons started straight away. first was maths which wasnt too bad... got my pinky? or wateva u call it. quite nice but i prefer kinder bueno... anyway yar glad to haf received sweets from my og angel as well. there was so much variety, a pity hon lyn asked for the marshmallow cos i actually wanted to eat it, but nvm... den the cheese cracker was oso rather nice. but i finished everything in like 40 minutes, can u believe it... plus 2 or 3 ferrero rochers. to me they used to be things tt were seldom eaten, cos dey're sort of like a treasure, dey're ex stuff. but now i eat it as though it's just a sweet... oh ran to get the assignments, so damn hot.

den physics no relief teacher came in unfortunately. bio lecture was interesting. saw eva hor and culdnt help asking andy abt selling her soft toy on the market. andy broke out into laughter... i can really imagine it, bet it will sell well. anyway the enzymes and everything is well under control, i was making notes as i listened so tt's fine. den gp had a video. as usual mr khoo had to go to the classrm to bring us to the lt, and den he realised it wuld've been much more convenient if he had known one of our hp numbers. the movie (if it can be considered one) was rather meaningless i felt, it was just hava and hasan and ahoo and hoora and tt's it. and dey just came out in the last scene together. doesnt make sense. boring cycling races... but i like the idea of setting up a hse on the beach. oh and i think i tokked too much during the movie, the teacher was getting a bit pissed. so obviously u can c tt the promise i made yesterday tt i wunt tok in class 2day was broken (xpected right...) ok den cos carlyn lee isnt ard there was civics in the lt, sth abt the white paper? yes, den went back to the lt to practise scales, not bad not bad, on the way down saw ying heng, just nice, din haf to break sch rules to go out. ate beef hor fun which i waited rather long for. (but of cos cant beat qian li and his char kway teow) den had tang yuan 4 x sesame and 2 x peanut. the ginger "soup" was so hot i was sweating... but it was nice. of cos was discussing the liang4 ci2 thingie, abt whether it shud be yi li xi gua or yi ge xi gua... quite sure li is wrong though.

den practised tying some knots b4 going for odac which din last too long. just tested out the msr (first time using it, but can manage lar) distributed the food. tied guylines? to the flysheet and tent, decided tt 5 to 1 tent is possible. got my erm backpack which isnt very big. but i put my sch bag in it plus equipment i'm supposed to carry and it was like 10kg. b4 going off ran wif eugene and mr low one lap at 1:31 with bag on. damn tiring, challenging, exciting. anyway wonder wat's so heavy in my bag. oh and xh gave me my wallet and hp (y am i even mentioning dis... :S) den bought chicken rice which i really found delicious. $5.60 for 2 ppl, not bad lar hor, even my mother says it's nice. den at lrt i checked my ezlink card. sort of is a log of my life, showing the time i board my 75 and the time i leave the lrt... quite interesting, if only i culd retrieve this info from home...

anyway tonight i must really really do a lot of work + finish studying chemistry and biology. not impossible hk, not impossible. (den y am i not saying it's possible)

7:51 p.m. - 2003-02-19



found this in my entry last yr. thought it to be highly relevant up till now:

If I provide a service, bear in mind I should not be complaining, cos the best servants are those who serve behind the scene.

Knowing that I have made a mistake is not enough, there is a need to have the courage to admit and change.

10:52 p.m. - 2003-02-18



this morning saw kwek wu xin on 75... had to stand until ulu pandan, i wonder why the bus was so packed. as usual walk with liang zheng to school, a bit strange yar not knowing him well yet he seems to be waiting for me type of thing, as in the walking pace... den the funny thing is sometimes i cant find more topics to tok abt, as in cos i see him everyday it's like i noe omost everything abt him, as in not his personality lar but rather like cca / class etc. and the worse thing is, I dun really absorb wateva he says cos it's like just trying to strike a conversation type of thing so as to avoid the awkwardness of silence. not tt i'm totally not interested but it just comes out of the other ear. so i dunno wat questions to ask him to start a topic cos i dunno whether i haf asked him tt b4... so funny right

den now i'm reaching sch later and later, but tt doesnt really matter does it, nothing much happening at zaecov anyway. 2day xh seemed to tok to me more, gd.

i think the bio relief teacher is really not bad... oh she is a christian, can tell right... gp was at comp lab, had to go find xh and evelyn. played games cos the grp wasnt ready. first was like boggle, den win lose or draw. feel stupid not knowing who catherine lim is. anyway the girls won in the end... yar felt like one of those tennis ball boys cos i ran out every time a person finished drawing to erase the board. quite interesting but i suppose we gained nothing from it? (best one was the kofi annan...)

maths lecture test was not hard at all, just tt the last question with the substitution and everything was hard. 2 marks. not too bad lar hor. physics lecture was quite interesting cos i finally figured out (saw the light) by application of integration to find s-t graphs step by step... if u noe wat i mean. chem tutorial was boring, i actually fell asleep for a few seconds i think, i laid my head on the table and then my eyes closed. i suppose they opened again once my brain realised the closure, upon which i lifted up my head and my pen which was on my ear nearly dropped off. so in the end just tried to pay attention. oh yes learnt to present stuff in table esp if things are repeated, like m/e or Mr etc etc.

pe wasnt too bad... managed to do 3/4 a pull up. passed standing broad jump. personal best of 9.34.54 for 2.4... thanx to dominic who sprinted the first few rounds and motivated me. i overtook him, ran one round, 5th lap was distracted so din notice fatigue, last lap just piaed. so yar 9.34. jiao1 ren2 de cheng2 ji4. tokking abt results i'm totally disappointed wif myself for the chem class test for which i received 12/25 marks. not tt i cant accept tt i failed. but considering the fact the rest of the ppl in the class din do as badly (i noe dey are all clever, but am i not supposed to be one of the cleverer ones as well?) i must really buck up. i've been blaming it on lack of time, which probably is a valid reason, but more importantly y dun i just practice more TYSs to get a hang of the questions? yar dun blame. try to solve the problem at hand. perhaps it's presentation?

after PE sat ard as usual, cooling down. bought polka ichigo and ate a few sticks as usual. waited for sunni and xuxu who was sick and took my jacket cos she was feeling cold. at mrt culdnt squeeze in, den met xh's cousin (how small can the world be) whose name is grace? tokked a bit abt andy's pouch. then the remaining time was spent tokking to sunni abt how singaporeans cant pronounce properly, or use grammar properly. quite an intellectual chat i suppose, esp since i was consciously using proper english to converse, but thought it was really nice...

okok den had lots of scales and arpeggios. much better now. no time left! start work!!! 9.26 liao leh xiao jie... 20 minutes on this whole bunch of descriptive writing???

9:06 p.m. - 2003-02-18



nothing much special today... relief teacher took over for bio prac. chem tutorial was rushed. bio lecture exposed us to a mad cow. den the long break, did hw wif xh, i think not bad lar now i like it the way it is... din haf to rush cos we changed early. den odac pt wasnt too tuff which is gd. noticed xh's face changing from all grinning to a more ? one when mr low started tokking abt cuts and whether anyone is more suitable for another cca... anyway after had dinner, nice chicken rice. then saw a cat chasing a mouse (first time in my life)... den saw ming heng and ken at the mrt station but i wunt say dey were willing to tok to me...

10:02 p.m. - 2003-02-17



today was interesting. woke up early just to waste time away? anyway after tt went to cut hair at chesters, took 4 passport size fotos (which are now useless), went to taka bought $39.90 shoes, went to great world which was surprisingly empty. sort of anyway. ate rice in bamboo. den bought some muesli. came home. must do work...

10:19 p.m. - 2003-02-16



well yesterday was a really nice valentine's day... no not bcos i have a valentine. nono. but it was absolutely fun. reached school at 6.40, sat around, went on bus, listened to firman tok crap. reached sentosa, registered, set off at abt 9++. whole class in pink! race was interesting, though tasks werent interesting at all. the running from place to place, and how nothing actually turned out ugly (as wuld haf happened esp like in 4p) so we came back at 1:58 which was like 2 minutes from the cut-off. unluckily we din finish all 6 and was disqualified? yar so we din win anything. nvm though. den there was the sandcastle the class built, very nice. den i was totally buried in sand. very nice as well. but eric was horrible. making an additional hill of sand somewhere in my lower body... den we just went to the float + slide and tried playing 1 round of bridge, 1 few rounds of indian polka, den some agar was delivered to the float. sunbathed for a while. went back to shore / bathe / changed den went to tiong bahru. (on the monorail tokked to these few ang mohs from england) b4 watching catch me if u can we ate at the food court. i asked for an ultra big ice kacang from the auntie who charged us $4. (used a yong tau foo bowl, can imagine the size?) yar so the movie was nice lar...

and today odac was quite gd as well, not too tiring pt, rock climbing and skills, den finally cooked. not a bad lunch i must say. oh and this pt i must really make. i'm determined tt i wuld not get xh as a gf, for sure. plus after all i think she's after xxxxx? so yar it's quite worrying tt ppl like rui ming and octaviani were like asking me where xh is cos obviously now i haf nothing to do wif her and i shud not cause her other suitors to think she is not available. if u noe wat i mean... and oso i really want a gd normal friendship wif her...

oh and nita's hand bandage was ni-ta than mine... :P

5:57 p.m. - 2003-02-15



today being haji, saw many malay families wearing their traditional costume on the way to macritchie... and unexpectedly i was actually early. had the run which wasnt tiring at all. den had a bit of stationary stuff b4 discussing stuff. had lunch at s11 den went to orchard. bought bossini shirt, ate lunch again (jap grilled chicken @ taka) den went to spotlight, bought stuff to paint, met mr krishnan and wife and baby. went to bk to paint. needed chalk so went to popular (shall not divulge details of how we got it) came back did everything until like 6++ was very fun, and very nice too! the whole production chain was quite efficient. xh in charge of writing skylets and most other words and drawing ice cream leqi den did some "hot"s i tried touching up with black, wei li too. yup tt's all

8:44 p.m. - 2003-02-12



ok today wasnt exactly dat long but did many interesting things.

first of all on 75 realised tt that cantonese-speaking boy was cold and adjusted the air con vent to blow towards the next seat... wat a kind hk...

den well assembly chin siang's brother said the pledge by like going on tip toes... "typical chin" according to (who was tt?)

den lectures werent exactly interesting

pe i tried my best to do everything, but i think my asthma is not doing me any good... but yar was quite short so manageable.

tutorials were rather long. got 0/5!!! now isnt tt exciting!!! ok yes realised i am weak in physics in fact so must do tys. this shall start me off in my studying/revising. gp was interesting cos we were presenting. but i culd c ppl (esp xh) were falling asleep (i bet i wuld haf too). den dere was bio for which carlyn lee was late (shall not mention this again, it's just the norm) and therefore we had an extremely short tutorial. after lunch (again?) had chem prac. din bring va wksht so had to fotocopy again. now dunt u realise by now dere're a lot of agains in my life, perhaps i must try to fix myself... yar at least for chem prac i think i was rather accurate. den went for the biomed quiz first training. damn interesting to learn abt the whole arm... of cos at the same time nearly finished one whole box of mentos. den went home, fell asleep on the bus, woke up upon turning into cashew rd, saw youli right in front of me!! anyway den yar went to jocelyn's hse to give her the form but so blur never sign here nver write date there. so blur!!! okok gd nite anyway started on ibeip (sort of i suppose)

8:22 p.m. - 2003-02-11



just cant believe how long a day can become...

went on the 6.48 bus today... (saw hui fang and youli yet again, just tt dey saw me only after alighting)

tt's bcos yesterday bz trying to write tt message to my mortal... din sleep until 12... (so many dot dot dots...)

anyway so lessons passed rather quickly. bio prac was rather interesting, cos at least there's something to do. i dun like those set by carlyn lee, whereby u just fill up wateva u c... anyway i think i screwed up my chem test, din manage my time properly, otherwise culd haf finished everything i think. bluffed 2 mcq answers and din finish the final 7 mark question. but can pass lar.

den dere was dis problem wif overprinting stuff (bio) but it was eventually solved. (sort of, since we had to accept the extra notes)

bio lecture was rather scary cos we just got the notes and we had to read along as he went thru the lecture, not tt many ppl managed to absorb much, esp when he started his lecture with all those spiderman and goats and who noes wat...

den went to the library, actually managed to do some maths plus finish bio, not bad not bad.

den as usual had to rush for odac. (actually y as usual har) anyway odac was quite long, during the pt my asthma came so had to stop. after tt had floor ball. den nenggiri more or less left w/o me, so i tagged along other grps who ignored me and mother called to scold me for not calling back so i decided to go home. yet i had to like wait 16 minutes for tt stupid bus. came back and argued with mother abt the calling back business, then totally broke down. possibly bcos i din noe wat i was doing in odac, whether i meant wat i said when i messaged xh tt i think i'm quitting odac... so...

took a look at O level results

jap o level a's => 77.3%

not bad not bad

and yar i dunno if i wanna quit

and yar i oso dunno abt wat i feel abt xh

10:56 p.m. - 2003-02-10



newest motto: service w/o complaints whether there's anyone to see me...

anyway u cant believe my luck... i saw a shooting star after dinner at turf city. my god first time in my life seeing a star suddenly shooting across the sky... not even a meteor shower. made a wish of cos...

10:17 p.m. - 2003-02-08



ok 2day started the day very tired, even on 75 i was like dozing off... and den of cos lessons aint really interesting, apart from eva hor's oh dears and dressing in total white, looking somewhat like a penguin. den was gp which i must say was interesting, this thing abt marriage/love. in fact the thing tt caught my attention the most was the debate over whether an arranged marriage or marriage by love (free) wuld be better... as a matter of fact i think arranged marriages somehow tend to turn out better, cos probably of the obligation to take care of the other half for the rest of their lives... anyway wat a pity was not sitting next to certain ppl during the video...

then after tt supposedly had lunch? chicken rice stall is still very nice. got maths tys. went for civics, for which carlyn lee was again late... took a sample sat paper, got our insurance info (like how many fingers = how much money), and den no more... xh bought campbell and den put in my bag, my bag put in her locker... i really shud pay her... at least half lar hor... dun even noe her combination yet, but nvm lar let her serve me... (hehe)

odac was rather enjoyable, at least i wasnt looking forward to going home... rather useful skills learnt, so it din turn out boring at all. the fitness-level-measuring run was tiring... and mr low quite li4 hai4, run so many times still appears untired...

den dinner at macs.

just wondering. y christine octaviani and sau yee both asked me where xiaohui was... (perhaps i oreadi noe the answer??)

10:58 p.m. - 2003-02-05



it's damn scary lar... tokked to all odac ppl just now, quite interesting to find out tt belinda lives nearby... and anyway feel like the j2s going to haf a bad impression of me cos obviously i promised the list by tt day but i din make the promise. not totally my fault cos din c any of dem (plus my pen still wif whoever) yar but still dey'd think i'm not on. and den dey kick me out and den i haf no cca. sadness... ok lar not so bad lar

9:45 p.m. - 2003-02-04



maybe i just shudnt haf smsed her? aiyah dunno lar... is she avoiding me, or is it just me, or is it bcos she's sick and energy-less... just let things be?

8:43 p.m. - 2003-02-04



ok the repeated stuff is still continuing... den gp was quite ok, w/o teacher but i actually managed to brainstorm... den bio quite happy, got 6 out of 8 for essay, not bad not bad considering i din refer to the notes at all... den the break as usual i gobbled my food last 5 minutes. den physics and maths lectures were rather boring, though i managed to do quite some hw... and ch tutorial was slow as well. pe was interesting, really learnt sth... took mrt back with sunyi and qian li... oh xh is sick so she din even go for pe...

7:13 p.m. - 2003-02-04



i just cant believe it

picked up my fone and it was 22:55...


10:54 p.m. - 2003-02-03



just to prove the repeated thingie is still around, just now b4 i bathed it was 21:44, i came out it was 21:55...

anyway more imptly, i haf to embark on an intensive basic english improvement programme (otherwise known as IBEIP) to basically build up on my grammatical skills as well as to gain vocabulary and gd phrases. all these are prerequisites for writing a gd argumentative, so it is very urgent... hk remember... the IBEIP consists of the following: reading / using Azar reading vocab book reading newspapers reading magazines in library reading fiction if time permits using proper english at any point in time exploring rj gp website and trying out stuff (compre / writing) (so do try to keep to these, and as u can see, it's basically abt reading and more reading)

9:57 p.m. - 2003-02-03



today went to kam boat, yum-ed cha, went to the philatelic museum, then to suntec... ate kenny rogers. fullstop.

7:28 p.m. - 2003-02-03



it's really amazing. i've been seeing repeated stuff very frequently. just now i was looking at the digital clock at my neighbour's place, twice when i raised my head (from either looking at floor or chatting), i saw 22:22 and 22:33

it's been like tt for at least a week...

11:38 p.m. - 2003-02-02



such a sad case... not a gd new year. cos it's so boring. u go to suntec on a sat evening and it is empty. as though time and everyone else froze and u were the only one there... anyway i haf a sore throat and lots of phlegm. will be sick tml. went to river hongbao which was a total disappointment (or maybe not really so cos i nver expected anything from it). i'm now an amazing 113 pounds, sth really worth celebrating... miss xh...

11:52 p.m. - 2003-02-01



yup today after school went for pool then had dinner. then home. fullstop.

10:58 p.m. - 2003-01-30



ok today was fine.

i was extremely tired as in extremely. from morning till end of the day. din even haf a break. plus very sleepy as well (must sleep early tonite)...

then luckily played piano. but must say tt the piano is really lousy. harmonica is quite interesting...

den had odac when we "learnt" skills and everything. nenggiri wasnt exactly active but after the 25 floors x 5 sets of stairs we seemed to warm up...

ok gd nite tt's all. just reminded me tt i haf to make the list.

9:39 p.m. - 2003-01-29



these two days were rather tired, cos we had pt continuously. all the circuits and everything are tiring yet they are useful cos i'll become fit! or as sya says it, i'll disappear. anyway realised tt i haf the bad habit of oways singing w/o thinking abt wat the lyrics mean... like for the batch song i just understood everything yesterday. oh yes was talking in cantonese to sau yee and xiaohui on the train, i think ppl were surprised to c us not tokking in english... oh yes there was bio practical, we tried to make canteen vendors cook our eggs, and upon failing to do so gave them to our senior class... evil of us yar.

then of cos today was the freezing day. sitting at the side of the LT is not a gd idea cos u can really fall asleep there. the strong light does not help much cos there's the wall to lean against... and u just cant attention. anyway the stuff taught today was ok lar... had civics and the bingo thingie and as usual i realised tt i dun haf a fav movie star / or in fact just a fav movie. cant find one...

pe was interesting in the sense that they really taught us sth as in "education". stretching etc. not bad, but my left foot hurts... den just took mrt back again. on the way dropped my donation thingie as well as bought ice cream. took nearly 20 min to reach mrt... total trip was 1 hr 10

yup and tml i'll practise playing piano in sch.

8:33 p.m. - 2003-01-28



wat did i do today?

went to visit mrs yap and her baby... (of cos we were lost while going to her hse) dem went to wisma sizzler for dinner where i bcame ultra full. liat towers then back. looked at sky. learnt abt orion, taurus, auriga

10:33 p.m. - 2003-01-26



long day yet again.

first was piano lesson.

den went for odac, learnt : first aid, map, distance, knots, cooking.


indian polka. den 170 full of indians. + u can tell i feel sian.

11:30 p.m. - 2003-01-25



long day yet again. va was quite interesting, at least i got accurate readings. plus we learnt how to use a volumetric flask. and the weighing scale. so guilty for leaving the weighing bottle there. anyway i dun think i like gp for the moment cos i feel lost and i nver like anything which i'm not too sure of. so...

den had macs for dinner which wasnt very delicious, was saying abt the fries and how there's nothing inside. and den went for astro. din play wacko just sat at stadium steps. rather nice to stare at the sky. anyway then went home on mrt. not bad took less than an hour. hui's shoes were squeaking though it's only a month old... remember mine squeaking when i was in sec 2? the puma ones, yes...

yar so just sleep and go for lesson tml at 8.45

must there always be a reason 4 liking sth?

10:43 p.m. - 2003-01-24



right... xiaohui is right. i'm trying to know as many ppl as possible, it's not really a false front. what do u mean by not really? it definitely is not. ok at least i dun feel so bad now. i really am myself :)

9:31 p.m. - 2003-01-23



well for the second time in a row saw shiqin's mum in her car outside cashew park. interesting. then greeted mr ys choo. yes was reading streats. den culdnt find the ho huayu person. den was the CIP talk which wasnt really interesting (we'd haf to find a place to do regular service)

i think we really waste the physics labs cos we arent even doing any experiments... just simply plotting graphs and more graphs. but of cos the basics are indeed important. then there was a maths lecture (252 "here in this case here"s, though this time there were many genuine "in the first case, second case, case by case" etc, so it became slightly more difficult to count)

ate during the break as usual, and den oso asked matthew jr to buy peaches and pineapple. den dere was the maths tutorial for which i volunteered to do a question (in the end din even show :S) den was chem lecture which obviously was boring, and although i was sitting along the aisle, i really felt sleepy (though it is amazing how i've never fallen asleep in rj (yet?)) haha and xiaohui has to learn from honlyn, to spot careless mistakes and continue trying instead of giving up... (y is a person who gives up easily tokking abt dis?!? :S)

den just left school. walked to mrt and on the way saw enjun who later was walked into by a young girl. anyway went to polyclinic, where i was told to see a doctor at room 86 (so ulu, on 3rd floor) den went down to pharmacy and b4 i culd get my med i looked at some bottle labels and was thinking abt some chemistry.

went home in the rain, and i thought the 190 bendy wasnt fit for operation in sg... cos first of all u haf the door opening outwards so rain can get in (plus doors get ultra wet). then the sides (top) dun even haf a gully so water just keeps spilling down the sides as though it was some decoration (like those that used to be at the side of long beach IMM) anyway after alighting at bpp, saw the canal and oh my god was the current strong and fast. stared at it for quite long, i suppose i really am amazed by the power of nature.

yup tt's basically today. i haf a few dilemmas now, and they include:

aquathlon vs raffles race

odac vs choir


i dunno i really dunno. very fan2 nao3

9:20 p.m. - 2003-01-23



today was quite long too, in fact i did so much today... time seems to fly, cos i'm just doing so many things. compared to the last half yr of ri, these 22 days of 2003 were really meaningful (except 1 or 2 days i believe)

on 75 saw these 2 children (henry park) who were tokking abt their experience with "jiu3" in cantonese. amazing right.

ok so heck cares abt the lectures and everything. basically xiaohui and i ran around the school in the morning and found out which ts(es) has holes in the ceiling. quite interesting. bio lecture wasnt tt exciting esp when he repeated quite some stuff. but i suppose it's gd cos i'm absorbing well.

the gp video was quite gd, just tt at first i culdnt see the link between all those stuff and his "argument" (where is it???) anyway later after some thinking i realised wat the teacher was tokking abt (or at least i hope so), possibly bcos of tse yang sitting beside me.

we had to fill in 14 goals for civics. basically to serve, to excel, to read... yar. then went for raffles racing balloting for which i was very surprised cos we actually got in (i've nver won a lucky draw in my life?!?) then was odac orientation which i cant say much abt. but i noe my grp rather well now, as in at least i noe their names: jayce / benja / nizam / daryl / ee sang / christine x 2 / theresa / lau yan / belinda

okok so this thing wasnt exactly exciting. the "speeches" werent too encouraging either. plus my little bit of asthma. din help. "selection" processes sound a bit scary, so i hope there's many ppl who leave via "natural selection". anyway yar this saturday how both bbq and odac??

had another 2km run (after which i was entirely exhausted, now i realised it was partially caused by the fact that i started off brisk as in very brisk walking which was totally tiring) then went to the dessert stall and ate luan4 qi1 ba1 zao1 b4 going back to red hse bus stop (again le qi din go back wif me) yar. so took some 40++ min to get back. i suppose it'll take some 1 hr by mrt but the conversations wuld be worth it?

9:25 p.m. - 2003-01-22



today was rather interesting. ok ate quite a number of sweets / sour plum or wateva. unfortunately lost weight... back to 107. then of cos quit jap until at least march. had a talk wif the st nicks girl and the chinese high boy both of whose name I do not know. yar then dat's basically it.

oh of cos i ran 4 km (twice along the jelita route) and was very tired. no pe lesson so i ran... ok lar now not so bad. but the running down east sussex was really quite nightmarish... and actually i was thinking right, it's quite amazing cos i've been sleeping 6 hrs per night, and yet i can survive through lectures which are ever so boring. yawn a lot though, compared to other ppl...

8:02 p.m. - 2003-01-21



wow today was a long day...

morning at the bus stop was too engrossed in the phone, nearly missed my bus.

ok bio practical was not really gd cos the saponification process took place but we din get any fluid at the bottom of the boiling tube. basically class interaction cos we were just chatting away. so this is good. oh yar my water bath turned murky...

den was break where i tried to sign up for the raffles race but apparently the forms were used up. and den there's the aquathlon which i want to participate in with xiaohui but it wunt work lar...

anyway checked letter rack and oh my god so many of them got things. orangina hor someone...

chem tutorial wasnt really tt interesting, apart from the fact that i did 9(a) and (b) when i was supposed to do only (a) and den xiaohui thought she heard (d) while she was supposed to do (b) and dat strange mr chan just decided not to do (d)...

ok bio lecture was interesting. tot ms eva hor is quite a nice teacher, just tt she keep tokking to herself. (just like me) "oh dear there's not enough space" water was not bad, and i was processing a mind map which turned out gd as well...

den had lunch at ghim moh. went to buy the $2.80 thingie again. still quite nice. $2.20 for the hakka economy rice. xuxu was tokking abt china.

walked back started doing work at 3rd level. but windless so very inconducive. later moved to windy area to chat b4 jian an came along and den we left. went to post office first b4 going to blk 14. started raining, unfortunately wetting my bio txtbk. mrt was fully packed, culd not get on the first train (at j.e. interchange) and den at LRt oso, so crowded.

9:10 p.m. - 2003-01-20



ok basically went to bpp to eat and den got a t100: 97695683. still charging.

400 sms many minutes. ok quite satisfied.

plus met liang fa/weizhen at bpp. staring at me cos i wore the same donald duck shirt again...

10:50 p.m. - 2003-01-19



oh i was just looking at the letters/parcels/packages my okaasan sent me and i just cant believe it. 13 of them altogether. really u noe. i feel so bad cos i only sent like at most 3 post cards, 1 cd and den now 1 card + photos. 5/13... less than even half. some more got so many beautiful stamps...

5:47 p.m. - 2003-01-19



oh yes and b4 i 4get. yesterday at taka met bavani pillai after like 4 yrs of not meeting her. i looked at her, she looked at me, then she screamed "oh hong kiiinngggggggg...." then i was like "bavani right" den the other skylets were like looking at me wondering how i got to know this indian girl from nj (she was with her og, and shuang ning's twin sister is in her grp, so it's quite coincidental actually)

today has not been good so far. asthma still around. maybe i shud just give up on odac? and yes doing some work... carbon / water. and den perhaps i'd finish all the maths, chem, physics?

hehe isnt tt all the subjects i haf? work hard hk. plus gp of cos, perhaps i shud consider far east economic review or sth.

and i just realised i do read after all. as in ok i probably read more things on the web or in notes rather than in book form, but i do read, just that it's all non-fiction. perhaps it's just bcos fiction is not of interest to me. yar but of cos u cant learn much style from the non-fiction i read (cos it's really totally content rather than language)... which is y i shud read magazines more... time? newsweek? perhaps. esp since it's more gp based. yes yes.

4:01 p.m. - 2003-01-19



these two days have been exciting... with money running extremely low as well. but still it's quite nice. ate a lot i must say...

ok so basically friday lectures werent really interesting, though chem prac was when i screwed up everything cos probably i put sth wrong into my burette. and den gp i culdnt finish my essay. den mr ho (maths) gave us puzzles which i found rather interesting (to think out of the box). oh physics there was a crossword puzzle during which i think many must have been irritated by me cos i shouted out the answers b4 he even finished the clue. next time must really keep quiet. and den i ran to have the common errors list printed of cos... been running quite a lot. oh yar the circuit training caused my arms and chest and everything to have aches. urgh.

den at night went out to wheelock place nydc where i ate pasta. quite nice. lloyd came later, while jian an arrived just as we wanted to leave so we stayed at borders for another half an hour. took these few cross section books which i've oways liked since young, and flipped through them. the pop-ups were rather interesting.

ok then left for home, only one taking bus at orchard mrt (leqi left w/o alerting me otherwise i culd haf gone wif her) total journey took 30 minutes

den woke up this morning, ran to macs, only to find jasmeet there (who happened to reach there only some 30 seconds b4 me) so everyone was late. i was in fact pissed, esp at xiaohui who was saying tt she wuld not forgive sarah for not going the previous night. then i bought this $2.80 desert from next door which has beancurd + soya bean + tang yuan. very nice, but slightly too sweet at the end.

had cca feste, saw the ccas, thought i might want to join odac. otherwise the other clubs are probably copable. ok then wanted to go out so went to holland v, had lunch at crystal jade. the congee wasnt exactly nice cos it was toooo watery. drank lots of chrysanthemum tea there. not too ex lar actually. then walked back for faculty orientation which i think really sux. our class was not enthu. the games were not fun. the clues were too complicated. organisation wasnt bad but wasnt gd either. the final skit presented by they themselves was all too disappointing. wasted the whole afternoon. anyway after tt headed off for orchard (again?) in bus 111 it was so cold there was condensation (my breath) and i really froze. then got this cut on my forehead again. (my glasses are really quite dangerous). ate at taka fd court. oh my god the grilled chicken was gd man. den had tako pachi. den had an orange and an apple, very healthy meal right. den took neoprint. den wanted to play pool but too bad, too late. wanted to go home with leqi but apparently she din want to... cos she ended up on a 77 and i ended up on a 700 (which i shudnt haf taken cos a 190 wuld haf been faster)

anyway came back and tried fixing the keyboard by unscrewing everything. found out how the keyboard actually works. there're these 3 plastic sheets with circuits on the first and last ones. so basically the middle one is to separate these 2 impt sheets, and when u push the "button" the button pushes a blue "bouncy rubbery thingie" which then pushes the contact together, sending a signal. had trouble putting it back cos the blue stuff were like off position, so i just decided to invert everything and den put the plastic sheet back over. so finally the "n" and "b" and "?" haf no problems... yay!

11:37 p.m. - 2003-01-18



how hk? how?? want to join choir or not? want to quit jap or not? want to join interact or not? then still have to cope with asthma. then ok lar homework isnt too bad. but it's starting to get scary. i hope not too soon... bz... too bz. anyway just now at popular this woman just cut queue by like saying excuse me... thought she wanted to cross but apparently she stopped, short, never to move again when she entered the queue. idiotic woman. den there was this other young girl who had her eye injured my her mother thought she was making a fuss. sometimes i just wonder how and when do u trust a young child, and the circumstances if u do or do not believe in the child...

8:40 p.m. - 2003-01-16



oh hi. been a day since i last came here. anyway i think they culd really open a line to bkt panjang, so many of us here. ok so nothing special abt today's lessons, apart from erm the bio lecture which was slightly interesting and the gp lesson when we had to go to the library to do some "research". after that had a break, b4 having civics which was cancelled for us to go out with our senior class. of cos i cant remember all the names, but there are a few which are very easy to remember (if this is how u spell them) li ping, wing sze, sze wei, huiling, lian yan, sailing??, mohana, davie, oh and the gsm right, gillion?, sida, mei qi? yup tt's it for the girls, while for boys they are daniel, ryan, jia yao, dexter, frank and erm let's see jun wei. yar so i noe 17 of them... not bad not bad. sadly many just left before eating. so today is a sad day cos i did nothing. waited for jun ming to finish his chinese dance audition. then saw ppl playing ping pong. wanted to jog but nobody wanted to go with me, so went home, met matthew/linus/chuenkang who were going to hume park. then went to bpp, took passport-size fotos and bought 5 oranges. and den i'm here...

oh and very importantly i must make sure that i must really make full use of rj, make the best out of it... these 2 yrs wuld be meaningful.

5:05 p.m. - 2003-01-15



today was a long day (as in it really was long...) so anyway began wif a chem lecture which wasnt at all interesting, but it wasnt cold (cos we were sitting at the front?!) then was bio tutorial at TS5 which was interesting. discussed abt all the -saccharides. as usual the ohp was spoiled and the screen had to be fixed by ms lee's stapler. anyway it's quite cosy lar, small little room, just that that pillar in front of me is blocking my view. but apart from tt it's ok. then there was gp. a rather nice mr khoo with thick as in very thick eyebrows and a vein that runs down his forehead. anyway it was an interesting lesson where we made 10 sentences and expanded them, learnt to not make generalisations, or rather learn to write things that are acceptable to everybody, even if they have a different faith or race or nationality, through the process of determining whether a series of statements he gave were facts or opinions. den we oso saw some sample questions which he said were easy, but which we obviously found intimidating. oh of cos we started the lesson introducing ourselves for him to know us. and of cos my popular liquid paper died for no reason, luckily i realised it quick so it din manage to touch my shirt.

ok then there was the break, when i queued up for yeons just to get the mixed noodles. it was worth the wait though, quite delicious. and of cos i ate the ferrero rocher that our senior class gave us. ok then went to the LT1, this time we sat at the top right hand corner again, and mind u was it cold. i wore my erm gloves? and it was better but i still had to retract my left hand to within my jacket. not very wise cos i had much difficulty flipping the lecture notes, but still better than having a finger cramp. maths lecture was well, interesting (:S), with 234 in this case / in this case here / here in this case / here in this case here in 1 hour 20 minutes. but of cos there was some variety, of the 234, 1 was in that case and the other was in which case. but there's still "case".

oh and during my maths lecture i oso lost my pen, which i later found stuck underneath my shirt... to think that i looked around for so long and still culdnt find it after standing up, groping around my chair and inside my bag... oh and for physics i din noe i had to collect notes so i had to run to the photocopying shop just when the lecturer started. not that today's lesson was interesting but i still listened...

chem tutorial was not at all interesting, except that we had our genius sun yi who came up with a wonderfully logical answer for the uranium vacuum dessicator problem.

pe was not at all interesting. too sleepy to listen. but basically we were told the ground rules, the PEARLS system (that guy is really crazy, he "mugged" all the details of the whole system) then of cos i fall into the "can do 0 and less pull ups" category so i listened to mr michael, who wants 95% of us there to pass by end of yr 1. hopefully i can do it.

den went off for a jog around the area via henry park - holland road - red hse - back gate. 10 minutes plus for 2.025 km, not bad not bad. den ate ice cream b4 attempting to play basketball. not very successful i must say, din even manage to catch the ball at the first time. the jogging was fun though, hope i can do it everyday.

right then took 75 back on which i met jia han and after i alighted i saw my father's car just entering cashew heights. and of cos i made a new friend called (oops forgot) who lives at almond street or sth like that (is she j2? anyway she seemed like shocked, cos she asked erm do i noe u?)

9:35 p.m. - 2003-01-14



hi hong king... today was a fine day... with bio practical (which i culdnt finish). but at least i learnt acid hydrolysis... (scolded for leaving the tap on, and oso my right knee is quite painful it's bruised cos i kept hitting into the bench) den after tt had a break, ate b4 going to watch jian-an-made movie in the library... the library is quite quiet... den had chem tutorial (we din haf a proper classroom, and mr chan is quite strict - he seems to be anyway) den was the bio lecture when i passed skittles around and lloyd dropped his pen halfway through his sleep. but seriously tt guy (mr chan as well) gave a rather gd overview of bio, that it's like studying the whole world type of thing, so much so i was thinking perhaps next time i shud do bio-engineering (sounds interesting doesnt it, den i can do both science and engineering at the same time since i love them both) yar and basically read abt the concept map thingie, which basically helps in 3 ways, i.e. to weigh importance, to relate, and to organise. not bad not bad perhaps i shud use concept maps from now on. and den of cos i scanned thru the other parts of the notes, saw all the organic chem and tot tt i knew some of them.

anyway after tt decided there was no need for lunch, slacked around at the bookshop for a while buying a notebook (not me lar) and den went up to 3rd floor windy area to do chem. i managed to do quite a bit of work, plus tokked to xiaohui quite a lot as well (oops) but anyway i bet this friendship's going to last, if i take every chance to forge it. really, cos we're so similar, as in like we dun feel the extremes etc, and want to join another cca despite being the unfit type? yar in fact it's so similar, i tot it's me (haha no lar not exactly, but seriously she's the most similar person to me tt i noe) but i really hope our friendship can be developed properly and nicely and wateva, wuld luv to haf a friend like her. it's gd i'm not thinking of her in a bgr manner... as in yar no. then took some 50 minutes to reach home thru 75. the bus braked suddenly just outside bpps b4 i alighted and actually i'm really lucky cos i had just stood up and was not holding on to anything. the bus driver did brake a teeny weeny bit b4 tt so i managed to grab a seat handle. then the abrupt braking sent everyone else in front flying while i was holding on to the handle as securedly as can be... haha next time better play safe.

and perhaps i can take mrt home? dunno lar.

6:29 p.m. - 2003-01-13



yesterday was the campfire. it was quite boring cos i knew none of the songs, but at least the dance was ok. we were too last minute so our costume wasnt exactly great. and we oso threw sarah. nearly fell to her death... overall however the experience was ok. we had some discussion b4 going to holland v bk to eat. at watsons we bought dogs and windmills? as well. took mrt home met sun yi today nothing much happened. piano lesson was rather interesting... went out to bibi baba but apparently they dun sell rj uniform. then went to suntec, saw lim jeenee and her husband. ate at food court. nice korean food. went to carrefour. stupid ppl wif so many items queueing in the express lane. inconsiderate selfish rubbish.

11:40 p.m. - 2003-01-11



after some whole week of fun, we had our school day. finally.

i've done so much gd things these few days, i feel so very happy. wunt specify what. but i feel glad.

we had record breaking at first, tried a thousand times, b4 making it to 310 (thanx to the fact that skyla was involved) toridas and feralon unite 4 raffles!!!! anyway was stoning there and trying to meditate, worked quite fine, until after my turn, i started tearing paper and making that thingie with xiaohui. silence was fun though.

we then ate lunch/dinner. i stood up and left fish and co with jasmeet b4 the rest followed suit (apart from a table of them) feel proud to have had the courage to do so. and this is like so considerate of me.

our dance session at suntec, and later at the esplanade was wonderful. spirits were high and everybody just danced and sang. tot the "lonely fear lights up the sky" was rather odd though cos it's only our batch song, nothing to do with the other ppl. and of cos raindance was fun... ;) the only thing i did wrong for the whole night was to have walked backwards and ended up having to trace the bus route all the way to the esplanade after parting with wei li outside raffles hotel. highly stupid.


this morning's 75 din come so i got on the second one (8 minutes later). when i alighted i tot the rg girl in the same bus "overshot" but actually it's the same, in fact saw her upon nearly reaching zaecov. so it's ok lar hor. at first i felt guilty cos i tot she tot i was at the first stop and tt she actually stops at jelita, but apparently not then...

then was assembly, when i was highly inspired by mr hodge's speech. to be a thinker, leader and pioneer of good character and confidence. to serve and to strive. to look out for ppl in need of help. expectations of a rj student is high. nver be afraid of failure. be independent as a young adult.

then we had "here in that case" and chem. highly boring, but managed to get thru them unscathed. did some tutorials though. quite ok lar, the standard, just like revising, so i suppose tis a gd start. anyway after tt tried to write a script but to no avail, so just gave up altogether and left for home. bought spray paint and ice cream b4 going to buona vista mrt. then went home. but of cos on the way got off at jurong east, intended to go to IMM but saw the science centre sign, thought 335 was not a bad idea, queued for it, den decided we'll get home too late, and left, but the bus had to come immediately after we left the queue... but it was enjoyable company...

on the way back on the lrt stared into space, looked at the track pass and yet it felt so good...

9:45 p.m. - 2003-01-09



today was yet another fun day, it really is. as usual we started sluggish, and unfortunately we dint get better even after lunch... the morning was not really the most fun thing, we laid down newspapers which were later on considered useless (wat a waste of our efforts) we then had a game at the gym where we tried to spell words and sing songs with the words we spelt in them. oh and there was the concourse one where we laid out our things to trace out a line, which danny took out his bandage for. finally we had the jane and tarzan and gorilla rubbish. and who knows what else...

lunch was bad, but at least we celebrated the jan baby's birthdays. and i bought the ice tea for everyone. then was the storyline which as usual was ugly. cant stand toridas (real person). and then oh yes i saw this bkmark which looked very similar to the one i bought in bangkok (as though this is relevant). the treasure hunt was relatively fun. for some reason we went to the speaker's corner for taboo. we were tricked by the airie fairie into numbering ourselves with eyes closed while he went away. cheated. culd haf done much better but we still won. then got the rice clue, got to the canteen, played this stupid pass the ball game. then it was the library, which was even worse with the alphabet thingie. then of cos i solved the "band" thingie where we did actions to pass down a song title (hair __ __ its __ age) then was issue *10 which was the water bomb bet ur legs station. we took quite a number of photos today.

oh yes the dance is better.

we went to the bus interchange where i sat on the slide. we then took 111 to orchard occupying the entire upper deck as though we chartered it, bought cloth at spotlight (where we met jasmeet) b4 eating at p.s. ate long john's at kfc, for which we were "scolded" for. the uncle sort of wished me bad results by wishing the rest whom he called patrons of KFC good results... anyway long john's is gd, much better than kfc or macs, at least for fries.

anyway today wasnt a gd day at all, since i found out that my ezlink card is being used as an adult one... feel totally cheated. and i think the rest think i am so stingy as to be so like worked up bcos of so little money but no lar seriously it's just bcos i feel cheated. very. stupid enuff not to pay cash some more for the 111 trip... and den i oso din haf backdoor key so had to go the long way home... :( and just a thought. perhaps when i bought the drinks and collected many coins from ppl i was supposed to keep them for my bus rides. but i asked xiaohui to help me change them to notes... hai...

10:10 p.m. - 2003-01-07



oh i think i've becum more open yet again, after being quiet for so long. it is working slowly, at least can tok to girls. surprisingly i break the barrier quite fast... and here's a list of things u might want to take note of when choosing ur spouse in the future, read it in the newspapers, thought it to be accurate. Shared Values Compatibility Sense of humour (or even absence/presence) Intelligence (this shudnt be a problem i tot) Whether she is nice to an unknown person

11:18 p.m. - 2003-01-06



it's really great to know that i'm catching up on the dance. today was damn fun. and i mean it. i felt it was fun. first time in my life. so what did we have?

o of cos civics lesson first. nice meeting our ct, but sounds like she doesnt have a gd impression of me cos i said her name was long. nvm can make up later. cos she kept looking at me when she was saying all the rules and regulations and whoever knows wat as if i was some rebellious guy. so i guess i hafta mind wat i say. and she's our bio teacher. we got 2-2 which is a normal classroom. i thought i wuld haf preferred the container rooms but perhaps for a change it will be better w/o aircon... anyway i noe many ppl in the class, like ying heng, andy, bing rui, bao luo, den like wei li, shifeng, xiaohui in my grp. then got hon lyn. so altogether i noe 8 ppl. quite a lot right.

so back to skyla. we woke up in the morning tired. sluggish. culdnt catch the first round of the games (or was the siren supposed to be sounded?) so at first it was boring as our grp oways takes damn long to warm up. we started cheering, but i wunt say it was the most enthusiastic. everyone was like half asleep. so we started playing the games. first we went to the trust cross or wateva u call it station. the 4 benches arranged in a rhombus shape, and we had to trust each other by leaning to cross it w/o falling into rotten papayas, which obviously is tt we all (love? :P at least we went early and the papayas werent really too crushed yet) so i was very happy to have crossed it successfully 3 times, first with shah, gained confidence, then with who? 4got liao lar. le qi also. then esther i think... really damn fun. still want to try that particular one again... sense of achievement.

then we went for the soap station, which was very the fun. it started off when we took off our shoes and then we started eeewing cos the mud was like flooded and every step causes a squirt of muddy water. but after that we went up, turned 10 times (or did we cheat), b4 sliding down on the belly. nice soap i must say, though i din succeed in going down all the way. was mad when we were abt to leave, tried sliding a few times, making my whole shirt full of soap, cos i thought since i am already wet i might as well get as wet as possible. it's at that time that xiaohui pointed out to me my cut (apparently caused by glasses) and i went to the councilors but they said a plaster on my forehead wuld look strange (wuld i care) so dey decided to give me a piece of tissue instead. which obviously din help to stop the bleeding.

then the mud station. not very fun. just getting dirty. but i picked up some mud which smelt like shit. after that went to eat apples. very fun. dipped my head in, took a bite, then spat it out as far as possible. i was lucky to have shot quite far to impress ppl, though failing (falling) on my first attempt. after which i think we tried the water bombs thingie but got nothing out of it.

we then went for the circle thingie where ppl lean in and lean out alternately. din really work out for me though, cos shuang ning culdnt support me so my calves did the job, so it was tiring. and my throat died despite having skipped many numbers of the 1001. then was sarah's station, where we poured water from bowls on top of our heads. kenneth basically showered me (with water not praises) while i kept esther pretty much dry. (hehe)

went to hall to watch storyline, then ate lunch (change up). had some dance practice. then went for record breaking dry run. was quite surprised they actually planned for such a cool thing. intersting right, passing a message beyond 299 ppl... shudnt be too hard as long as guiness doesnt give us like bombastic words or long sentences, though they are likely to do so.

then discussed our skit. i'm egbert??? funny har skinny guy acting as fat one. nvm will find out more... went for dinner at bk, ate a lot. celene and ting lin tokking abt calories and dey shared a burger (celene took half, ting lin took 1 quarter!!) though i must say celene wasnt too successful in trying to keep thin cos she took quite a number of fries plus a teenie-weenie bit of my triple choco pie. she cant resist the temptation of food can she, like all females?? haha. then had some stories like joseph's leg-pulling, etc. nice night. then went home with le qi, seems rather quiet, or does she not want to tok to me, surprising that she said she's the type who would go out at the chance of it. and she said she's (they're => ny girls) used to the exam standards... and she's so fast in adapting. if i were in her situation (being a minority) i bet i'd be so lonely.

that's all for now. it's real fuN!

10:28 p.m. - 2003-01-06



the batch song is so nice that i decided to record my own version. went one whole tone sharp!!! but still it's very nice... u all must listen to it. the first part was the only part sharp. after the bridge thanx to my sometimes-here sometimes-not-here perfect pitch it ends ok...

9:48 p.m. - 2003-01-05



today's a sad day. my mother's itchy rashes refuse to go home, and my father's nose starting running.

but of cos i played squash in the morning. and the wind is so strong i can actually feel it's pushing against the window... if u noe what i mean i Think / Hope tml wuld be fun

8:26 p.m. - 2003-01-05



it's quite interesting to know that google actually stores my diary on cache. view it here:


2:48 p.m. - 2003-01-05



today so far was fine. helped auntie lily do her curtains, hanging it up (though i must say it wasnt done too well) played squash and then burnt some 40 calories by riding that "bike" in the gym. tiring enuff. my mother's rashes are getting worse, hopefully she recovers soon. oh and b4 i 4get, some things which i was thinking of last night b4 i fell asleep: If I am trying to learn something new, I should approach it with an open mind, not feel hui4 xin1 easily when I can't achieve it. I say "har, still got piano lesson on sat" bcos i hate scales and i oways get scolded for not practising them. apart from that it's fun.

2:17 p.m. - 2003-01-05




today was rather interesting

still cant do the dance, and i'm really sad cos i cant coordinate my legs for the running man thingie... and it's not my cup of tea, as ting lin put it. wonder how she managed to change (if she really was my type-of-person b4 the 'O's...) anyway we had quite a lot of fun today, began with the banner painting and then learning of the school song. then we had our outdoor station games and indoor station games. we had lunch at the amphitheatre. (ate fish hor fun) i thought the morning was good. but as we went on aaron started being "alone" and then i felt i was drifting further away... cos i'm this sad person. fullstop. ppl love fun. i dunt?!?! i dunno lar, anyway tml's meeting was cancelled (that's if we even planned it). cos we are too tired and we cant all make it at the same time.

but actually come to think of it the og is great lar. it's basically my fault for thinking it's not fun enuff. cos i haf overly high expectations, as usual. i mean come on with the wyf ppl they were excited and happy yet i was bored, yar so u can imagine... esp when i really am not being active this yr. look. not trying to take any leadership roles at all. trying not to be bossy (in fact i'm a rather good follower now). but u c i just dun like it. what's the pt of the dance. not really fun issit? to me at least. "not my cup of tea". and like talentime, playing electric guitar. "not my cup of tea" either. really, i just cant stand it. cycling/ice skating/pool at least i can enjoy. cos i just dun like pop music... anything wrong with that? can't i just not like pop music. i'm different. cannot issit. i hate this world. why must i just follow the trends. nvm i WILL NOT.

anyway the games today were quite fun and i think the boy-girl barrier has very much been broken. i thought the storyline turned a bit ugly, but still, that is that, cant do anything abt that.

oh of course after we left holland village i saw many ppl, including shiqin and her bf.


seems like i suddenly am meeting many ppl whom i have not seen for some time... today saw ms lian and luo lao shi at toa payoh (where i ate crystal jade, not bad, but my chicken noodle wasnt exactly satisfying)

anyway in the morning we put the crystal balls back onto the lamp... then had lunch and then piano lesson. after that went to toa payoh since my mother wanted to visit the chinese doctor there. meanwhile my father and i played golf. not playing too well i'm afraid, the ball always goes to the left. anyway got a small blister.

10:37 p.m. - 2003-01-04



hi everyone... jc's first day was better / worse than expected. (delete accordingly)

anyway i'm sort of (un)happy now, i oso dunno y. began the day quite early, waking up for no reason at 5.27am, which i assumed was bcos my 4th sleep cycle was over and the 5th one was starting so there's this non-rem period which allowed me to be awakened probably by the wind. anyway the point is i tried sleeping again, after which i woke up at 6.35, ate breakfast. My father then fetched me to rj. a bit of traffic jam here and there, which obviously allowed two ppl to lombang... anyway so i must say it wasnt really that fun. there were so many delays; i bet the organisation was worse than that achievable in ri. then ppl in the og were individuals. doesnt help either. and we are passive. grp leaders, though not to be blamed, din try to activate us. what was worst is that i thought everyone was having fun so i felt lousy being the only one not being so, but found out later that xiao hui, nikhill all thought so as well. gd gd. and this small chat with xiao hui was quite pleasant too. seldom c ppl who have similar feelings abt music. as in choosing between continuing choir/band/etc and xploring new sports.

and perhaps i shud get a handphone.

oh and joseph is like me, a bit shy.

10:31 p.m. - 2003-01-02



did u noe??

the song most frequently sang out-of-pitch is "Happy Birthday"

10:25 p.m. - 2003-01-01



happy new year everybody. happy new year. happy new year... 2003 sounds like it's gonna be even longer than 2002, and i'd love that

12:13 a.m. - 2003-01-01



wow i din expect myself to do so much this evening, as opposed to how boring I thought it would have been...

firstly, we had dinner. as usual at casuarina... the food was good of course, but i wunt really consider it delicious, due to my overly high expectations of that place. anyway the chilli crab was wonderful with the man2 tou2. then we went to bishan's golf driving range, where I finally found out how to play properly. using a 8 iron i managed to hit the ball as far as 80m, which is quite a feat, considering this is one of the first few times i'm playing...

yar, that doesnt sound like a lot does it, but it was fun.

plus right i went back to my bishan place, and god, it felt as though i nver did move away from bishan. i felt just like i was going home. the void deck was familiar. my legs automatically climbed the 6 flights of stairs. i opened the door totally effortlessly. i went into the hse, looked around, and apart from the fact that all furniture had suddenly became invisible, everything remained the same. i walked to the kitchen, and looked out at the carpark. that was i saw when i was mugging for the prelims, the 'O's, just that the washing machine was missing. but it is a wonderful memory.

perhaps i shud end now. and i'm sorry i cant join anyone for the countdown party. too sweaty/tired/far to get to esplanade in time... sorry... shall countdown at home

11:31 p.m. - 2002-12-31



just reinstalled flight sim...

flew a cessna 172 (as usual) from tengah to changi, but that stupid plane in front of me refused to leave the runway (02L) and what happened? i was told to go around. stupid. then i make a big loop...

anyway let's c wat i will do tonite... sounds like a pretty boring night to me.

4:13 p.m. - 2002-12-31



just realised i have experienced the following "POWERS" (in chronological order)

and i mean it when i say i have experienced them... it's strange but i've nver really felt power of stress. i was nver ever consciously stressed in the first place...

Power of Love

Power of Nature

Power of Music

Power of Hatred

Power of Desire

prague was the first time i experienced REGRET... bad feeling it is

and unfortunately i haf nver felt happiness in my life. where does it come from? i dunno. i'm nver happy even if i won sth, and i'd oways think there's more i culd haf done. perhaps i shud just be contented?

i'm a person who's hard to satisfy, one who has little positive emotions. a sad person. one who nver felt very excited, one who nver felt very happy. y?

think abt it, hk, think.

11:48 a.m. - 2002-12-31



oh and how could I forget...

how i struggled when the rest were at the prague trip. i really wanted to go, and as usual, i din. do u noe how much i wanted to go? nope u probably dont. i ended up dreaming abt them omost everyday. plus i just moved hse. i was sad and depressed...

8:22 p.m. - 2002-12-30



I know it's been a long time since I last updated this diary. (in case we all forgot what a diary is for, it's supposedly used to record daily events... looks like my diary isn't really living up to its name)

So... What have I been up to this whole month? I must say that lots of things have been accomplished, compared to previous holidays which were rather pointless and passed as quickly as ever. This year, however, was exceptionally long, and I really mean it. It started some 363 days ago, which obviously means I still have 2 more days to go. It was tiring, yet interesting... I grew. I matured. to become what I am today. (doesnt that sound stupid)

I probably started the year telling myself that i must do the TYS but of course failing to do so until just b4 the common tests. Every year is like that, isnt it? I'm going to start next yr telling myself i must really revise as i go along. whether i can do that would depend on nothing else but myself. so i just hope i can keep promises which i make for myself and not just i make to others.

the rest of the school days passed very quickly. i culdnt really recall much about it, apart from me sitting in front of benja, which i thoroughly enjoyed, possibly because his "cockiness" was contagious. it's nice to be proud of urself and ur abilities as long as u dun get complacent. i believe self confidence would take over from cockiness once the actual abilities match the boasted abilities, and this perhaps kept me from being overly pessimistic about things / life.

Being a secondary four "senior" this year, it certainly felt good to have ppl "below" you respecting you. Especially so for me, cos I dun feel that ppl respect me. Classmates? not really. i suppose respect is not that common between peers of the same age... i sang at founder's day (again), this time realising that my voice is slowly but surely disappearing (sadness). as a sL who failed in my duties, i have nevertheless gained the experience of leadership, a chance not many get. i'm glad i didn't miss the opportunity, and i hope i can make myself a better leader if i'm ever offered any leadership role again. (tokking abt leadership, i pity daryl..) the choir year was short wasnt it, 6 months... but i think so much was done in that short period of time. if i look back at when i just became sL in june 2001 and compare that hk with the hk now, i'm proud to say i really have changed for the better.

let's see, what did we do in that 6 months? (carolling in 2001) concert / arts @ atrium... what else.? i cant even remember. the camp? and i regret not even knowing the proper vocal techniques before my voice disappeared. sadness yet again.

perhaps the june holidays this year was the most fully utilised of all my 7 long holidays (xcluding this dec). i managed to squeeze out 1 whole week to study for CT, which is very commendable, considering the self-discipline that must have been present at that time. but of course this dec was even more interesting. i've done so much. i moved house + try to keep it tidy. i went to bangkok + khao yai. i went to malacca. i had a choir chalet. i went for concerts. i went for bbqs (*3). p. sch. meetings. i reformatted my comp, reinstalled everything, tried to fix every single bug (e.g. comp hanging when playing mp3s, comp refusing to start when there were 2 CD drives, comp saying there's a corrupted system file, comp refusing to power off after shut down, comp suddenly switching itself on after i switched it off, etc etc) I played the piano, learned grade 8 pieces (tiring at times). wif all these, i actually played very little comp games.

the prelims and o's made the year long i think, cos it caused the rest of the year to seem like it's ages away. so perhaps it means we usually waste our time by not making full use of it?

last thing, my head has been spinning (not enuff sleep)... dunno y, but really hope it'll get better.

and of cos i was trying to figure out how to deal with certain ppl, which was definitely tiring as well.

new motto: service without complaints

1:55 p.m. - 2002-12-30


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