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ah and i must mention. the other day while sy and i were making the puzzle for mdm wei ling, we took a break and i went to the toilet. n when i came out i decided to take a look at his room, remaining very cautious tt he might be inside there somewhere waiting to give me a fright. so i waited for a few seconds, decided it was safe, and turned on the lights, only to see his face. the result of 7 years of friendship.

check out the vet photos. the doctors-to-be are learning so much so much more now i cant ever catch up. sigh :) perhaps, i've been trying to catch up in my own ways. what with vet observations, and an attempt at having an anatomy prac of my own, MPSes. i've told myself i've gotten over it but perhaps deep inside i havent. well well. a step at a time.

11:17 p.m. - 2005-09-26



sometimes when i lose things, i worry abt what i do not know i have lost.

i had a dream tt the hong kong trams disappeared from the streets. ultimate sadness. NO WAY! tt was after doing the shu-lin city hall survey which asked for a reaction to the demolishing of the monument.

met 4p yest for a lunch tt i missed, and so i decided to join them in the lan shop. haha my first time stepping into one i think. the idea of so many ppl playing together in the virtual world seems appealing but the game itself seems rather pointless. haha. anyhow i spent my time talking to each person one-to-one, which ended up better than talking over lunch (usu u end up talking to only a few).

lunch cum dinner (there's no portmanteau for this combi like there is for brunch, is there) with xh was comfie as usual. in fact, i'm glad i'm v comfortable with my friends (ok weird thing to say).

feeling hm, like i'm going to book in soon.

11:19 a.m. - 2005-09-26



R.I.P. = Requiescat in pace

anw. i suddenly feel tt i should be touring europe on my own. more fun tt way. yet, going with others seems fun too. will decide later. a bit too early to think abt it isnt it haha.

10:34 p.m. - 2005-09-25



hm. i must admit. my first thought of not wanting to go. haha. well it's gonna be fun. (?) must b cos of the letter my mum wrote to me. telling me abt lots of things. she'll miss me so so much...

9:33 p.m. - 2005-09-23



it's damn cool la i'm using wireless internet in RI. ahahah amazing stuff. though it's really slow.

i'm actually waiting for the bookshop to open cos i wanna buy a polo shirt tt has the raffles crest on it. it was open just a moment ago and now somehow it's closed. bleah. (ok finally the aunty's back)

random things i've been meaning to blog abt the past few days:

the navy has v creative ideas in their attempt to recruit ppl into their family.

the way humans detect sounds deserves some pondering over. if there are 2 sources of the same sound, we only hear the louder of the 2. or so it seems hm. are the other senses similar? smell? touch? or worse still, sight!

there are some ppl whom i c often, but dun even talk much to (e.g. bus driver) and yet i just feel like telling them bye bye i'm flying off bcos they somehow form part of my memory of life in singapore.

there are, interestingly, 24 yellow boxes and 11 bus-stop yellow boxes along 6th avenue. i bet it's the most number of yellow boxes per kilometre of road. (total length 1.5km)

ppl are probably quite cooperative in the nationwide anti-dengue efforts, more bcos they are selfish. anyhow i think it's pointless to report the number of cases per day. the numbers just seem so random to me.

and things i did:

the process of sitting in for parliament was interesting but some of the debates were so boring it was impossible to stay awake. occassionally u have ppl who convert their statements to questions with the phrase "is there some truth in..." (when asking for clarifications with the person who read a bill for example)

observation at the vet was v rewarding (thanks bena for asking for me). sterilization, fractures, eye problems, diarrhea, medicine dispensing. will upload photo here when i get it.

8:12 p.m. - 2005-09-23



it's hitting me. 5 days!

11:04 a.m. - 2005-09-23



sometimes i'll feel at peace within myself. today is one of those days.

nth in friendships needs to be equal. sometimes, it's abt finding the niche.

12:41 a.m. - 2005-09-21



i dunno how long more i can last with my laziness, but it's gd tt at least i'm still human, tt i have the urge to just get things done, sometimes. sometimes haha. !@#$%^&*

12:06 a.m. - 2005-09-21



haha quite funny how i've having this chinese conversation with tianyi on sms.

if i were a doctor, i would choose to be an oncologist.

went to visit my piano teacher and we played a brahms duet. which i'm supposed to have been practising ever since i disrupted haha. managed to play a bit, and it was fun. :) and showed her the wonders of computers and also photos/videos/music. heh.

gastric flu for almost a week already :(

it's sad (or, interesting to think of) how sometimes something is of such high importance to a person, and yet is of no significance to another. not referring to any specific thing/event. i mean just think of any example. (quite lousy example but heck) how a dollar is someone's monthly income and could also be a small enough unit for even a stingy person to give it to a waiter as a tip. or a book which might be v precious bcos a late relative gave it to u just b4 dying and yet was thrown into the rubbish bin by a cleaner who saw it lying ard.

i think, i'm learning to let go. i'll see.

12:05 a.m. - 2005-09-18



i'm really starting to ask "why?" again. great. as a student, i was more a fact-acceptor than a question-donor, and understandably so bcos questions are disruptive to the fact-accepting process. esp when i was always so last minute. teaching let me refind the inquisitiveness bcos tt's the only way to teach properly; to anticipate the kind of qns students ask. there's so much i could improve on even as i teach the same thing, and i had to be confident of my basic concepts to think on my feet.

haha n better get my facts right b4 declaring stuff. "sir, curry powder is red bcos of the ground chilli." (re: tumeric yellow < pH7.4, red > pH8.6) so i said "well, just extract the chilli then."

was just thinking abt how those who matter more to me (apart from bena/sang) from my jc class are all in medicine. so, should i have been there n be a professional first? heh.

(and so i ask myself, how much exactly should i censor and how much meaning is lost?)

12:22 a.m. - 2005-09-17



spent last night figuring out how a laptop works:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i shudder to think of my current fujitsu ending up in tt state (pretty much an antique) 8 years from now hahha.

teaching has been fun, and rewarding too. for students nvr run out of questions. while some are stupid (qns, not the students!), they still make u realize some smaller facts which u dunt usually appreciate. and i'm thankful they're kinda making me ask "why?" again. cos like my dad was saying, A lvl has actually trained me to accept lots of things, to stop asking why. v bad. anw dr chan would be a gd person to discuss stuff with if he could sometimes be filtered of his nonsense. but ah, tt's him and u cant change tt. yunlei n tianyi have been good colleagues. ms hor too! :D

today's mps was the most rewarding ever. the writer i was attached to let me start writing for my first time! i was actually quite nervous hahhaha. and got to listen to dr balaji speak abt a variety of issues after tt. v interesting. :)

a pity tt i'm flying away and can continue w none of these. but heh. will be starting lots of new things yar?

12:11 a.m. - 2005-09-16



just met my fellow cambridge male freshers and i felt glad bcos they are going to be nice for the next 3 years tt i'm there for. hopefully haha. n like i was saying, cos they are all born in 84, i'm the youngest. and it feels good to have a elder-brother-like figure(s) around, finally. i'm deprived.

haha i think for me to smile in a photo i must be feeling peaceful. if not, it's quite hard to force a smile.

11:33 p.m. - 2005-09-12



teaching isnt tt hard if u know ur stuff. engaging students is really hard actually, so for now i'm calling them one by one to answer questions/show how to answer the qn on the board.

i wish i could teach for a bit longer. :( then i can experiment a bit more. i wasted 3 classes just like tt haha.

haha and it was quite embarrassing when i received a sms in class (not on silent mode), gave a funny face, paused, got ready to resume teaching, and got another sms.

4:12 p.m. - 2005-09-12



hm buses can drive into yellow boxes legally even if they're driving straight (i.e. not turning into the main road from a side-road), since you cant tell whether they just came out from the bus stop.

anyhow the pri sch class dinner was pretty successful. we ate at an exotic indian restaurant at 6th ave, and had 2 teachers and i think a total of abt 18 of us kids. nobody has changed tt much actually, apart from a few who slimmed down. we were trying to bring back some memories, and some rmbed most clearly the punishments tt teachers meted out. haha. it was good. ppl were appreciative.

we kinda chatted till quite late, and while some went to a cafe to continue chatting i decided not to miss my last 156, and went to the my bus stop, only to see 2 156s coming in the opposite direction, followed by 2 smrt buses in my direction with the sign "last bus". oops. so i was v smart to take 170 down to newton, predicting tt a nightrider must pass through there, and ended up taking 162! (services available until 0041, surprisingly). and tt was when my dad called me and said he could come fetch me cos he was in the orchard area. ultimate smartness.

ha. now i've diarrhea and fever. symptoms of dengue eh.

11:31 a.m. - 2005-09-11



was giving tuition to a j2 girl and it was i guess, i hope, quite productive.

while i was getting tired of knowing new ppl just a while ago, i change my mind. perhaps the whole process of knowing a person is quite interesting.

We come from many places,
all across the land.
From many different races,
Together hand in hand.
United we stand,
Divided we fall,
Ready to serve our nation's call.

We come from ocs, we are the very best.
Leading with dignity and pride.
Wherever we go,
we will always know
Our spirit lives forever more.

Loyalty to country
is what we all believe.
To lead, excel and overcome
is what we must achieve.
Forever strong and valiant,
We'll give our lives and more,
Never ceasing to serve Singapore.

9:09 p.m. - 2005-09-09



hmmm i'm really impressed by http://www.emedicine.com every time u select a word it will automatically check the medical dictionary for you!!

i think i have costochondritis. ha. (rubbish). but really there's some weird pain when i rotate my trunk. hm.

8:35 a.m. - 2005-09-09



so today we were kinda briefed by the chem department for our relief teaching nxt week. and it was my first time sitting in a friend-driven car.

on my way to nus i met tian yi and cheuk ka, and at nus i met bavani pillai (who somehow still thinks tt the last time she saw me i was only THAT [hand at waist level] height, even though i last met her during j1 orientation), and bing xun.

pharmacy lectures were good, better than med. bcos it's always the same lecturer so i'm getting used to him and besides he's quite a nice fellow hong konger lol. then there's the second lecturer who resembled tianjiao in many ways. the way he explains by drawing randomly on the board for example. haha. haha.

and it felt more n more like rj. i'm getting tired cos i've been sleeping so little these few days, and i was doing rj ionic equilibria tutorial during lecture. (and i re-understood why i nvr bothered to do my tutorials, even though i should have i guess, for the sake of A lvls)

oh and it's my dad's bday, the last bday i'll celebrate with my family until i think some 4 years later (cos all our bdays are not within my vacation periods). i feel like i've changed since i last celebrated a family bday hm...

10:48 p.m. - 2005-09-08



oh dear hm nowadays i'm always lagging. like by ard 1 minute? like realizing tt i should have bought sth only upon boarding my bus for 5 seconds, realizing tt i should have taken the shuttle bus to the hospital this morning bcos the shuttle bus service had already begun (cos i was already late. initially the first bus was at the time of my appointment)

i do do need to be less blur. but how do u change sth like tt???

10:13 p.m. - 2005-09-07



(yesterday) entire day at nus again, and actually met zhini who was convinced it was really such a coincidence. she was so nice to bring sang and i around the law compound. fell asleep during two lectures, seems like i'm used to going to school now. anw. mps was fine but it keeps me wondering, so what exactly should we do to help these ppl? most of the time, the answer is to stop helping them. o well... there has to be a way!

i had a v relaxed day today. settled visa finally, then collected stuff from psc. sadly psc is moving to national library. city hall's just more appropriate any time.

relaxed and therefore lots of random thoughts, like:

it's not too hard to shoplift.

it is an art to express nuances in SMSes.

lanterns and candles are things i havent touched for a few years.

businessman often resort to laughing loudly and "i'll be VERY honest with you" when the client is unconvinced.

it was good to see the bus driver being so patient and nice, and even better to realize tt he was doing so bcos he loves his job, not like in hong kong when u can just feel tt sometimes the person serving u treats u well out of a fear of being jobless. or when they serve PRC tourists, when there's a sense of wu2 nai4.

there were these weird passengers, 2 to be exact, who entertained me with the way they acted, as well as made me laugh when I kept thinking of them as potential MPS-candidates. ah bad hk.

do u recall, tt once upon a time, the singapore sweep tickets featured the yet-to-be-built esplanade theatres-by-the-bay?

learnt abt printmaking at jendela/esplanade. it's interesting. here

11:35 p.m. - 2005-09-06



my new email acct shall be hkw31 which really means nth to me at all. looks absolutely weird huh.

was really disappointed when i saw that there were only to be 6 ppl. thought i'd be seeing long-lost friends like reggie/krishna/conrad/jason/etc as well. but anyhow it was still an ok dinner.

comex deals are nth compared to nus/ntu student deals.

10:55 p.m. - 2005-09-04



haha i cant help but laugh after looking at this thingie which i was quite proud of at the end of 'O' levels.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
which, apparently, is already being taught to primary school kids. hmmm.

anyhow. i could almost be an eastie now heh. tanah merah bbq with cam chinese cambridge christian foundation (err i was the only non-christian there ahahaha) which made me excited abt going off cos they're a bunch of nice ppl. and kinda sent shifeng off by seeing her back just when she passed thru the immigration counter. and also saw sya off whom i met ard 2 minutes b4 she went in. ahhh. highly insincere it seems hmmmm. but really din mean it to be tt way, just had to rush from the other end of the island (after collecting laptop from NTU) and a family dinner at tampines (explains why i made it in time haha)

i think it finally hit me yesterday tt i'm going off. for a long time. sending sunny and shifeng off din have too big an impact primarily bcos i dun meet them often anyway, one-to-one interactions with them are mostly over msn. which is not tt rare actually. but sya is one person whom i've been meeting on and off to have tea. and yeah i can still be meeting her in paris i guess. haha.

i think i'm also going to get so numb to parents crying tt when it comes to my turn (+ the fact tt there are 20 odd ppl going together) it's going to be a joyous occasion.

and a quote from geog teacher: It takes both sunshine and rain to make life's rainbows...

2:19 p.m. - 2005-09-04



today, i was thinking of how i'm lucky tt i'm indecisive bcos i'm interested in everything, and not nothing.

n guess what i cooked dinner for my mum today, and the only mistake i made was in not rinsing the meat/fish. at least i rinsed the vege/rice. anw, it tasted fine. =)=) as long as i dun get a tummyache later...

7:51 p.m. - 2005-09-01



quote of the day, from NUS Singapore Studies lecture:
"there are quite a number of oxymorons similar to unity in diversity, such as military intelligence"

9:16 p.m. - 2005-08-31



i really wonder abt the usefulness of interactive voice response bcos i always end up trying to find a chance to press 0 to speak to the operator.

10:27 a.m. - 2005-08-31



i think i've bcum much easier to satisfy compared to 3 years ago. nowadays, i will find a day meaningful as long as sth useful/rare/interesting happens on the day.

anyhow today thanks to hon for sitting with me during lectures today. felt just like rj as usual, some things just dun change.

i was trying to read my blog and was even trying to paste the more memorable quotes here, but gave up. simply too much to read. but i'm glad it lets me relive what actually happened. makes me wonder, whether i want to live in the past, the future, or the present. the present, i feel, needs improvement...

4:43 p.m. - 2005-08-30



super-uber long day for me. 645 wake up, 715 wang ning's car, 800 med lect, 1200 lunch w weili/sang/bena, 1400 pharm lect, 1800 dinner, 2000 meet e ppl session @ bv.

was fun, and will probably go back again tml. keeps me occupied relatively meaningfully. arh but there's cambridge to settle first.

"if you thought tt some sponsoring agency would be paying your fees, then this invoice means that the College has not received sufficient information about your sponsor."

anyhow it was interesting to chat with ppl older than us, for a change. like the mp/minister, and a couple of other ppl.

i found pharm lectures more intellectually stimulating than the med ones. even though i was dying nearer the end cos of the extremely low rate at which the lecturer was going. oh n hm at least the med library wasnt as scarily full of muggers as i've heard from many ppl.

11:15 p.m. - 2005-08-29



today's farewell was relatively small but nvm it was a farewell for 5 ppl! sya, shifeng, bao, wang ning, me. well done.

and then i first got to see my cambridge co-freshers and seniors today and found tt haha one of them was one of the leaders during my mathcamp. seems like the cambridge bunch is going to be quite a nice bunch :)

11:20 p.m. - 2005-08-27



i'm suddenly reminded of how i used to use a 14.4kbits/s modem for sth-text (cant rmb the name) in p2. hahahaha

10:38 a.m. - 2005-08-27



so i took a walk back from ang mo kio and then thru bishan park and then ard bishan. and haha soh ee drove past me. anw how nice it would be if i were by the seaside / riverside all day long and spend my time looking at the motion of the water, of the fish that swim past, and that would be my life.

blk 307/308 of ang mo kio ave 1. totally devoid of ppl, yet next to a busy road. v v interesting feeling. check it out, at ur own risk. heh. there must be more of such blocks around...

6:34 p.m. - 2005-08-26



one of these days i've to spend some time reading my blog and smses...

and i havent had my lunch yet. best way to get gastritis again and go for yet another gastroscopy. well done.

2:47 p.m. - 2005-08-26



haha suddenly my p3 cousin is msn-ing me whenever she's online, and with webcam some more! really is quite interesting actually bcos i havent really spoken to this particular cousin of mine much since she was born. anw she's playing some gameboy-like thingie now and i can hear the music from the games. quite soothing actually hahahaha.

12:28 p.m. - 2005-08-26



haha well guess what my jap mum called me again. and i achieved an A1 for understanding (75%?) though i really couldnt make it when she started talking in really really really long sentences as japanese like to do, and i get lost and can only say "hai", "ne", "ah", "sou", "hai" and the cycle goes on until i think she realizes i've stopped understanding and she starts breaking it up into short sentences lol.

anyhow today was nus embryology which got me sufficiently interested, but again, hm, mugging it is quite a diff matter. and then weili's and evelyn's rooms. preferred evelyn's cos it was bright and neat (though she says it's messy). haha and somehow i saw andrew fang again (every time after i meet evelyn), who is a really nice guy :):).

i must go find sth meaningful to do, but i havent figured what just yet.

7:45 p.m. - 2005-08-25



it's sad tt nparks doesnt want me as a volunteer... :( desperate for sth to do indeed.

but today was exciting. i called my p3-5 form teacher ms tan! and kinda renewed my desire to go overseas. where u'd learn to adapt to (not have-to adapt to) things less trivial than, say, the weather, e.g. the culture. she was telling me abt how if u have to ask a favour of ur colleague u better ask her whether her weekend was good first b4 u go on as casually as possible, by the way, would it be possible for u to blah blah blah?

talked abt a lot of stuff. a most satisfying conversation with a pri sch tchr, who can ask me casually (possibly a result of staying in australia for 4 years hahahaha, but actually, no it's just her - she's nvr really been v local i guess) so do u have a gf now? no arh? surely there's someone u fancy? and after i guai-ly answered her question i started pressuring her to have a kid. lol.

it's also interesting how she identifies herself strongly as an asian, views singapore as her home, yet she cant bring herself back, not at the moment at least. she says tt sg seems to be all abt efficiency and achieving results tt are best if immediate. take streaming for example. scrap it!

mm. this year is long. knowing so many ppl and forgetting quite a number as well. and still have to be ready to know even more ppl, who will form my companions for the next 3 years perhaps. v v tiring.

12:26 a.m. - 2005-08-25



haha i was digging through my documents in my comp, and realized i had an obsession with excel files in sec sch. hahahah.

1:27 p.m. - 2005-08-24



i'm ultra pissed. for some reason or another my excel file contact lists got corrupted. now all i've got is numbers, no names, and lots of data lost. !!!!!!!!

10:32 a.m. - 2005-08-24



sometimes it's gd to talk to ppl who don't just go *nod* at things u say most of the time...

warning: i am most violent when asleep. try to wake me up and you might just get a big *bish*.

and i recommend tt we do not recommend ppl to watch/do/visit sth we havent watched/done/visited b4 bcos it spoils the fun for me. one-third of me wonders if the person is enjoying it, another one-third hopes tt sth more interesting would appear to make the person enjoy it (makes me set unreasonably high standards), and the final one-third tries to enjoy it but hmmm it's really quite hard when this one-third gets further distracted by stuff like wishing i had watched/done/visited it myself. but of cos there could/will always be those someones who you can do certain things together with. = friends i think. *shrugs*

sleeping time!

12:55 a.m. - 2005-08-24



rather good a day :)

first, woke up at 4.50 due to shifeng's sms so as to send christine off (thru sms of cos).

then, woke up again i think at 7+++, and decided to sleep a bit more, but still woke up at 9+++ in the end. tt's the way life's supposed to be.

played the piano a bit, watched a bit of de-lovely, then went to wei xin's hse to write a little note for brandon (bio o). also got to talk to wei xin a bit. decent.

met clar for lunch at subway (and can i add, finally. the last time we were supposed to have lunch i overslept). relieved tt there werent going to be so many awkward moments of silence which i was half fearing on the way to novena. i din quite have to keep thinking of what to say, which is what happens when u meet someone whom u dunno tt well. good.

then sent my letter, containing all the stamps/first day covers i've been collecting since i came back from japan in 2001, to okaasan (once again, finally. can u imagine. they've been sitting in my hse for so long, and it's not as though sending them out is that hard. pure laziness). and of course even though it cost $3.70 in postage and i could have settled that in 3 stamps, i ended up using 1 x 5c + 5 x 23c + 1 x 30c + 1 x 40c + 1 x 50c + 1 x 60c + 1 x 70c (total of 11 different types!). sure hope she's happy cos i had fun pasting them :D

walked over to balestier after tt to find my pri sch chinese tchr. i vaguely rmb she lives at victory heights and thought her unit number was #16-02. alas she was not at home and i decided to wait downstairs for at most half an hr and go home. (it was difficult getting in the security's so tight). and after i finished writing a note which i was intending to dump into her mailbox, she arrived (my first reaction after hearing a high-heel "klok" sound when the car door opened was, got chance!).

she rmbs my name of cos, but as usual, inverted - jing kang instead of kang jing. some things nvr change. haha. and her unit number was #18-01. oops. chatted for quite a while, and haha she talked abt how edu reforms are so fast tt b4 they can adapt to one, another comes. yes, noted! haha.

walked back to toa payoh where i bought tonight's dinner and came back by 88. waiting to call my other p3-5 form teacher who's now in australia. i get a "not-in-use" msg but i will try again tml.

sometimes, setting goals (no matter how unrealistic) really helps. i've achieved quite a number by now (things which i'd have not done otherwise) - basically all these meeting of pri sch teachers - bcos i wrote them down in a sms ever since i disrupted, and as i see them disappear one by one, i add on to the list. nice.

7:22 p.m. - 2005-08-23



had a fun time looking at hong kong (n figuring out where is where) thru google earth, bcos nowadays it's rare for the whole family to be involved in one activity together. my fault :(

just do it.

10:14 p.m. - 2005-08-22



in the process of re-organizing my wardrobe. spot the 3f shirt! (hint. it's highly visible)

anw the gastroscopy was slightly uncomfortable. first it reminded me of not being able to breathe (e.g. asthma) and second it made me vomit out a lot of air thruout the procedure (he told me to burp less but somehow i thought it wasnt exactly voluntary). and third. pls med students, when u grow up to bcum doctors and eventually have to demonstrate to ur juniors what u're good at, perhaps tell the patient first. while vomitting i heard him telling the students ok so this is his tongue, then his epiglottis, then his larynx, yar, his voice box, and so his oesophagus is behind, then this is the duodenum. blah blah. i think it might have taken twice as long as it should have.

overall interesting, but haha no i think i'd rather go for another operation with general anaesthesia than an endoscopy. :D

7:08 p.m. - 2005-08-22



actually i cant stand it any more. i need to be more efficient, less lazy abt things. come on!

5:59 p.m. - 2005-08-21



it was good singing again as part of a 9-person grp. dint quite feel right at first bcos i do feel old. + as usual i'm the anti-social kind. but eventually it was rather fun, and we had another one of those laughing fits again. began with me, again. then qi zhao. then slowly everyone (almost). finally hanyang.


11:20 a.m. - 2005-08-21



yest was a funny day. well.

i woke up real early, maybe the earliest in weeks, to crash med lectures. was still late in the end (!!!) but enjoyed them. then there was a math lecture too which was exciting. bcos it's not sth tt i HAVE to rmb (not yet anw), i found myself coping relatively well in absorbing new info. i think i like anatomy.

then i kinda crashed the as-club gathering at xiaohui's pgp room and tt was lots of fun for me somehow. the as-sers are a bunch of highly amiable ppl, and i'm sure this isnt the first time i'm saying it, and i sincerely hope for them to remain this way even as each of them go their separate ways... wish i could bcum an affiliate member or sth lol.

would have stayed bhind for a while more but candice came back from her christian fellowship and so we went to crystal jade (where else but holland v. i hope rj-nus students dunt get sick of e place) for a small dinner. replied to an abnormal(ly large) number of smses during the meal [sorry abt tt]. n also sorry for i wasnt feeling quite right.

i had v mixed feelings actually, and tt landed me in eusoff hall at ard 11+. normal chat w sang was comfie.

i hope... :)

7:50 a.m. - 2005-08-20



realized today tt the "reflection of MRT" at raffles place station is a painting, not a photo. have been tricked by the artist until now. well done.

so i finally met my buddy, and we had dim sum buffet at china square. i introduced myself more than she did herself, but i'm satisfied tt she'll take care of me if i allow her to. haha.

9:49 p.m. - 2005-08-18



it's more than a 36-hour day. who says each day only has 24 hours? but haha trust me i think 24 is just right (apprx 16 waking hours actually) for us to rmb what happened in the day to make the day useful.

so there was lunch with sya at great world city. i must say tt the conversation was pretty scattered and focus-less. guess we really don't know each other that well yeah? but it's alright :)

then went back to RJ to sing. wasnt tooo pleased with the singing overall, and quite surprised with myself for still not being musically critical. and worse still i had to go off so i din really look like i was prepared to be v committed. some 5 hrs back was back to RI with sing. and basically finished meeting whoever i needed to, apart from shioya sensei.

anyhow met mr wong in his pt attire.
"wah play badminton ah?"
"no, tennis"
"then now going for lessons issit"
"yes, then after tt back to tennis"
"wah... good life!"
"good life...?" he hesitates for a short while, and continues in his matter-of-fact-wong-chu-lin tone "must keep fit what"

realized i automatically link faces i see in school to names tt i know. bcos i think it kinda disturbs me tt the place which used to contain so many familiar ppl/faces is still v much the same yet has totally changed. so my mind struggles to recreate the past which i'm comfortable with.

our teachers r usu pretty happy to see us. n for me finally i realized tt u dun really have to listen to and belive in everyth ur teachers say. i see it as a sign of me starting to think slightly more independently. i used to, and perhaps still do very much, choose to trust those senior to me.

sang and i missed the last bus so we decided to walk from nus to imm, which took us 7.3km. took some photos at pandan reservoir which looked really tranquil at night. (seeeeee http://hongking.blogspot.com) reached sunny's hse at 3ish and chatted until 5+ when the last minute hurry started (it is so going to happen to me as well). one thing i've to say, i stayed over / sent sunny off NOT because i was with the rest of them, not because i was there w/o knowing why, not because i was close to her, but bcos i realized there was a possible friend-in-the-making.

i've gotten myself acquainted with so many ppl this year it's getting confusing. and while i dun want to know more ppl, i have to. bcos tt's what i will be in the uk for. for some reason, after tt hilarious conversation with audry nights ago, it proved tt i can be both comfortable and uncomfortable with making new friends. am i afraid tt i'll change?

i look at how i interact with chun hui (who really hasnt changed much apart from being more mature over these 4 years) and while yes i might have indeed changed overall, tt part of me tt deals with her hasnt, and i enjoyed it v much.

when i saw sunny's mum tear i nearly did. bcos of how much all mums love their kids. it's not so easy to force my brain to realize tt this time leaving means 1 year. so don't think i'll cry bcos i'm sad from leaving everything (not quite "EVERY" of course) bhind. tt takes time to sink in.

went straight to alexandra hospital and was told i'll have a gastroscopy done on monday. funny but i wish they find sth wrong with my stomach. or maybe not. cant decide.

then went to ikea and decided tt it was a nice place to work at so i asked if they wanted temp workers but they said they'll advertise in the papers if they needed. too bad.

10:30 p.m. - 2005-08-17



i woke up early today! thanks to this alarm clock which i set 2 days back.

ngee ann city should not be pronounced neee-ann. it's closer to yeee. it's like jap "ga". think it applies to ngee ann poly as well.

streetdirectory.com has lots of good features. pity tt we've to pay for them. though they deserve money for their efforts, i still won't use it much haha. stingy hk.

and did i mention? i met ms fong (long lost physics teacher in sec 4) at ps. (wow!)

9:00 a.m. - 2005-08-16



3f will forever be the most comfortable grp of ppl i have. even being left out of conversations is fine. like how silence with ur best friends is absolutely not awkward. yup. it's the presence tt matters.

hm btw. life is really a lot longer if we don't think of it in terms of the number of years we have. imagine it as a long continuum, which is what it really is...

12:19 a.m. - 2005-08-15



social entrepreneurship/enterprise forum made me want to read up more about the topic. interesting enough.

platoon (ocs) dinner was great and i was glad to talk to ppl. ppl are pretty much unchanged. and so it reminded me of the days in ocs, which, on hindsight, were really quite good. and lta kelvin's "or whatever so"

it used to be tt i'd forget how long bad things lasted once they disappear (e.g. ulcers, army, etc) but nowadays i'd forget how long they last even when they've yet to disappear.

i realized tt when u use ur hands to steer ur bike it is really disturbing the natural equilibrium and is actually more unstable but u kinda have some control over the bike so it compensates.

12:07 a.m. - 2005-08-14



must do some research on menthol, camphor, methyl salicylate, and witch hazel. all v interesting (common) compounds.

visited my p2 form teacher at her hse (walked one big round b4 reaching, could have visited shu-lin first) and she reminded me of things tt happened to me (which have conveniently slipped my mind) e.g. getting stapled in my finger, having alternate day usage of mandarin and english at home with my parents, etc. first time in 6 years. gd. it's really means more to me than the way i put it here, but oh well.

coming back on a tibs bus was v v nice. esp when i took 61 down the route i usu take when going to school. all i had to do was to wear my sch u, + zhini sitting at the back of the bus. just like any other school day. ok maybe + more ppl standing.

so much for me being less nostalgic than b4.

on the way home i thought i lost the ang bao mrs poh gave me but luckily i found it finally when i shook all the photo albums/cds i brought real hard. and then came this man who said he wanted to use my phone to call to see if he had left his phone at his friend's place (i assume?) or he had dropped it somewhere. my initial reaction was NO. then decided tt since i felt so happy after finding my ang bao (b4 tt i was actually getting suspicious tt sb stole it) i should let another blur person feel relieved. then after the call was over i started getting suspicious again. "what if he was pretending to ask abt his phone but whatever he said was actually instructions for his gang to... kill a man!" and i started to take note of the fact tt he was wearing white long sleeves shirt, black pants/socks/shoes and tt he was balding, just in case the police shall ask for a description of the gang leader. hahahaha. the funny things tt go through my mind.

11:54 p.m. - 2005-08-12



oops it's like really late now but i realized i dun really read blogs if i dun blog myself. and it was nice to see how ppl are coping with life.

i was also reminded of my lot at luang prabang tt said i'll get a pretty wife lol. (baorong's blog)

i ought to be sleeping.

and i also ought to start getting excited abt cambridge

2:26 a.m. - 2005-08-12



many random thoughts:

i've been to nus for 2 consecutive days now. quite a nice hill actually. the shuttle bus stop (terminus) at PGP is well designed for PGP residents. if there's a car at the zebra-crossing, u surely wunt miss ur bus.

maybe i exist bcos of and for my family/friends, ppl ard me. i'm the sum of what i am when i'm with different ppl.

i want to overcome what i fear... and take up challenges. finding joy in tt nowadays. ah but i think i still get discouraged rather easily.

i'm getting old. i sleep like 11 hrs a day but i still get tired at night.

though i just dun quite feel old enough for uni. not grown-up enough.

anyhow. i went to hong kong. frankly, i cant find my identity yet. it's just so hard. it isnt about how long i've been here and how little time i've spent in hong kong. it's really abt my roots. and while i have friends here, my roots in hong kong do not disappear, not until all my relatives die (nvm ignore the sentence). fine i've told myself this time i'll keep in contact with them and thus i can still stay in sg for good, but maybe i will still feel sth for tt small little ex-colony of britain, bcos i will keep filling in my initials for my place of birth in any forms. but aha dun worry i will serve my bond.

i kinda experienced happiness in a rather pure form when i was playing with my cousin (11 yrs old i think) at the playground. just used the playgrd as much as i could. playgrds let children play freely and it's really up to their own creativity to have fun with the playgrd. reminisced abt the old cashew-heights playgrd which in my opinion is so much better than the newer plastic ones. anw, wiki says "A playground is an area designed for children to play freely, without structure, which helps to develop the child's physical, emotional, coginitive, and social well being."

i looked up at the huge/tall blocks of apartments (which basically = hk) and felt the different households switching their lights on and off. i say felt bcos my field of vision was only tt limited (incidentally i think one day i'll try contacts. much wider field of vision i should think). it was rather soothing, after playing at the playgrd.

also suddenly thought of my maid in p2. in retrospect maybe i wanted more attention and thus i wanted my mum to stop working. dunno. in any case i think my maid din deserve to be sent home. i apparently locked her out, in the balcony. bad bad hk. pri sch hk was a bad boy.

then i acquiesced to my mum's request to throw away my shoe. and i dint quite feel as annoyed any more. why not.

imagine. if planes were like the cars of today in the future. or perhaps, imagine the future when planes are like the cars of today. exciting?

respected my dad a lot when he was talking to his younger sis. who's afflicted with some disease and is single at 40+, and quite fussy at the moment.

my dad met his colleagues from MTR corp and tt was where he worked ages ago. everyone married and with kids now. interesting to see ppl after a long time. everyone i know, pls try to keep in contact with me. i will do my fair part.

better still we also met this friend whom we got to know when i was young cos i used to play in the same park as their son (like when i was 5?). and it was like opening a time capsule cos i was given this photo of me 7 years ago.

gambling might be so common in asia possibly bcos it is a convenient family activity, and the family is a strong basic unit in asia. 15 ppl squeezed into a 500-sqft apartment for a good 3 hours. thanks to gambling. oh yes i won HKD 16! lol. small stakes.

back to sin-hk identity. i might not be able to make v fair comparisons bcos after all, my relatives come from a diff social backgrd compared to the friends i have here. and so i was missing singapore and wanted to meet my friends once i come back.

salesmen in hk are rather powerful. they r v quick in making u buy sth once they see u express the smallest trace of interest in it. bought a digicam and 2 pairs of shoes.

i've apparently bcum less nostalgic, for i no longer keep a log of what happens on trips in my blog. another e.g. i actually let transitlink eat up my student pass which followed me for i think 5 or 6 years.

i need space. i need time. i need energy. i need courage.

i need determination.

12:23 a.m. - 2005-08-12



so after my brunch i forsook my nap and went back to rj to listen to the choir. the student conductor seems pretty impressive. basses need a bit more presence. anyhow met clement there as well, had a pretty good chat. ivee is the new vice pres! mmhm.

then met alfie and wanted to treat him to a drink but well we both opened our wallets to find nth inside. well done. but we got our drinks anyway.

outside the staff room, darren lai went "hi hong king!" *pause* (with THAT darren-lai look) "wait, just to get things straight, u're in j3 not j2 right?"

cos i was in rj uniform. i figured i will attract less stares tt way. kinda worked. but din quite work of course when it came to ppl i knew. anw i kinda relived the life of a student today by being in uniform (and still being in uniform till this time, sth i used to always do when i was in school). being in sch u gives me a certain identity, makes me feel very much less like i'm an individual, makes me feel like i've some homework to do after i go home. who cares abt what others think, haha.

then back to ri and met mr ong mrs yap mrs selvan. nice. they said i grew up! yay. hahahaha. actually, i wish i were more childish, more hong king. hmmmmmmm.

sometimes i wonder, why do i go back to see the teachers who taught me? perhaps it's just as random an act as me going to sungei punggol or the botanical gardens myself.

11:59 p.m. - 2005-08-03



no wonder my studying method has always worked thus far:
Students often wonder whether to pull an all-nighter before an exam. Will the extra studying time outweigh the exhaustion? Robert Stickgold, who has studied sleep�s role in cognition for the past 10 years, reports that it depends on the exam. �If you are just trying to remember simple facts�listing all the kings of England, say�cramming all night works, � he explains. �That�s because it�s a different memory system, the declarative memory system. But if you expect to be hit with a question like �Relate the French Revolution to the Industrial Revolution,� where you have to synthesize connections between facts, then missing that night of sleep can be disastrous. Your ability to do critical thinking takes a massive hit�just as with alcohol, you�re knocking out the frontal-cortex functions.

i agree absolutely:
Not only mental and emotional clarification, but the improvement of motor skills can occur while asleep. �Suppose you are trying to learn a passage in a Chopin piano �tude, and you just can�t get it,� says Stickgold. �You walk away and the next day, the first try, you�ve got it perfectly. We see this with musicians, and with gymnasts. There�s something about learning motor-activity patterns, complex movements: they seem to get better by themselves, overnight.�

and apparently,
when we are awake and active, we burn ATP, which breaks down to adenosine. Over time, adenosine levels build up, causing pressure for sleep. During sleep, many of the body�s cells are less active and hence burn less ATP, so adenosine levels fall again, setting the stage for wakefulness.


2:25 p.m. - 2005-08-03



i overslept terribly haha. cant believe it.
that's another day gone. a pity.

mm actually in tt case, i might as well go back to sleep. mm i thought i said i was going for choir practice hahaha.

12:53 p.m. - 2005-08-03



i miss singing... music! how can i live without it...

mm b4 i settle down i shall be flying again yes. like i was telling sang the airport taxes i've been paying is enough to buy me lots of stuff. hong kong this time.

found out tt pulse and tone dialling are both supported in singapore, and in fact u can do it manually (for pulse).

went ice-skating with some psc ppl today, forgetfully forgot my wallet (not unexpected) b4 ending up shopping at orchard with audry/chim/wai keong. thought tt was good company.

and yeah i realized i really enjoy learning new stuff nowadays. like today there was the turning-while-skating-without-losing-speed and the backward skating. learning is fun.

ANYWAY. today i kinda finally appreciated the fact tt i was with such close/familiar ppl during the laos trip. and i treasure the experience now (which is still not too late). i mean yes we nearly argued and in fact first thing when i came back i wrote : "back from bangkok/luang prabang. first time going on holidays with my friends, and it could be the last. hahahaha just joking. " bcos really it is quite hard for a grp of ppl with not-99%-similar minds to go on a free-and-easy tour together. after meeting the psc ppl today which i guess i got to know over the past month, i realized i'm really getting tired of meeting new ppl. really. give me a break. let me know those whom i already know better.

and i feel like i'm losing out on so much these few days bcos so many ppl so many good friends have already started school, and are living in their hostels, and starting a new phase of life. and i will be doing sth different, and i will lose sth common with them, and tt just kinda makes me sad.

anw back to luang prabang. it was great to cycle around the place and see how they lead their lives i guess. nice experience exploring the new city.

the old city's a weird place. i think my first impression is rather accurate. tt there's actually a strong clash between the "french" cafes/restaurants and the wats. (wat being the local term for a temple) i dont really think tt it's colonial influence. rather, it's more of the effects of opening up to tourism. the tourism industry is now part of the old city. luckily though it isnt affecting the locals too much yet. they are still v honest ppl.

anw tt kinda explains why i was shouting tt we werent eating local food. bcos even the restaurants serving local food are catering to tourists. very hard to really really experience the laotian life in this case. and usu when i travel, i really want to live life like how the locals do it. travel by their transport, eat what they eat, and hopefully, if possible, live in their kind of accomodation. at least we din stay in a hotel. (* eat what they eat. u ask. what abt bangkok? why did u eat at the jap ramen shop? my answer, simple, the thais eat there as well. tell me, did you ever spot a laotian in any of the cafes/restaurants, apart from the waiters/resses/owners?)

some memorable (or maybe i might just want to forget a particular one haha) moments:

exploring the bangkok hotel / surroundings w weili
flying on 4 different airlines, paying airport taxes (meeting matthew, choir senior, at bangkok airport!)
the airport tax selling machine turning into a jackpot machine when i tried to cancel the transaction of 1000 Baht (refunded in 10-Baht coins which are gold with a silver border)

sleeping all in one room in luang prabang
going to santi chedi (had to cycle quite a while to reach there) to see the sign "today is close"
the waterfalls (which are really quite impressive. the enclosures for the bears/tigers were damn cool too - really putting the creatures in their natural surroundings)
and my near-drowning there - trust me, don't fool around with nature. taking calculated risks is what i usu do (it's part of me in fact) and i think tt's fine, but the trouble comes in when the risk is totally unexpected.
being cheated by some thais(?) who got a grand total of USD8 from us --> we bought some rice from them to give to monks collecting alms.

and yeah i'm optimistic i want to go on a trip with friends in the future. even considering to go on such a trip is sth tt's good enough.

mm another thing. dunno why i must argue with my dad when he says sth. picking on the smallest possible details/ differences in nuance. stop it hk!

8:34 p.m. - 2005-08-02



for some photos check out blogspot first. too lazy to blog. havent decided yet.

oh and i went to moelc today and i met teachers x 2. chia sensei who brought us to sapporo [then i was 14, now i'm 18. 0 --> 2 kids. HOD --> part-time teacher. ] and tan sensei (still rather scary actually) the sec 4 teacher. the good old days when u had withdrawal forms and class transfer forms and excuse letters. oh how we might miss those times. but half the world is already in nus and have started fresh. no time/brainspace/chance for memories. at least i hope so.

11:14 p.m. - 2005-08-01



Oh my goodness i was supposed to be at pasir ris by 2.50, but haha i kinda just finished packing my room(s). and havent even packed my bag. or changed money. shucks!!

5:47 p.m. - 2005-07-26



what could be a more pleasant surprise, than to have your p6 form teacher become the vice principal of ur alma mater? terrribly cool.

11:23 a.m. - 2005-07-26



good morning! just had a pleasant chat with ee sang which hasnt really happened for ages. and mm yeah made me determined to keep this friendship strong, and perhaps others too. also made me feel the change in me perhaps. forget the "perhaps"s haha.

sometimes, when u respect a person, when u respect the relationship/friendship, u would go back to addressing the person using his/her proper/full name. [context: first u begin with the proper/full name, then u get closer and u start giving nicknames and then... connect with beginning of paragraph]

4:19 a.m. - 2005-07-26



woke up as late as usual today, and then had lunch with shifeng + went to central library to explore. took a look at the aug 10th 1965 straits times on microfilm, and listened to some cds. otherwise there's really nth v special there, apart from the lifts which seem to accelerate at a higher rate than usual lifts (perhaps 0.35 G?? actually i've no idea how fast lifts accelerate but it did feel half like free-fall so i figured it cant be half so i'm giving the value of 0.35). oh met tong kai there as well, which wasnt too surprising.

then i was smart enough to leave my nlb book at the place where i bought my dinner (luckily i realized once i boarded the train). i also happened to wait for my bus at the bus stop until it stopped raining so there wasnt quite a need for me to take the bus any more. bleah.

8:10 p.m. - 2005-07-25



just like baorong i was running thru my diaries (which i just found after 2 weeks of searching cos i hid them too well). and realized tt while i've changed in quite a number of ways i'm still recognizably hk, which i guess is good...

i'm kinda looking forward to cambridge. but i dunno how much i'll miss singapore. as it is, i already have so much inertia when my dad suggested moving back to cashew heights.

so, there was the award ceremony and i did enjoy myself. want to hear myself if possible maybe thru some video or sth. it's my first time, and i'm trying... :) good tt it did run quite smoothly, after all the rehearsals.

and of cos there was dinner at sang's hse! which was absolutely fantastic. cant emphasize enough how cosy it is. sure hope it stays this way for many years to come. and hon dun worry abt me not going to ur place to eat/wash dishes. squabbling is fun/nice. and of cos thanx to sang for the totemo oishii food (look i'm running out of vocab i need to resort to jap)...

k meeting shifeng now. the new national library!!!

11:35 a.m. - 2005-07-25



haha marche's seems like a gd place to meet ppl. met candice. who i later realized was hui xiang's rg friend so i brought hx to candice's table where hx then met more friends who were also tim yap's friends. anw i also met leqi (skyla) but unfortunately she only rmbed my name after some hints haha. not too surprising though, skyla doesnt quite exist any more does it?

time to sleep! my blog title once upon a time haha. still on jing jing's blog i think :D

12:34 a.m. - 2005-07-23



sometimes i look forward to the day when i can decide on things i like as easily as i can decide on things i dislike. haha

11:25 p.m. - 2005-07-21



after reading hon's blog: perhaps i'm satisfied with things just like how buddhists are with their frugal lives. being happy with whatever little i have, and every small little thing that happens. mm but of cos there are times when i wish i had more.

and after reading clar's: the above could explain why i'm always just having relatively neutral feelings, seldom feeling euphoric.

anw. i'm quite glad tt i'm making an effort to take up the challenge kinda to perform on stage. laugh u might but it's not too uncommon to find choir ppl who really cant perform. esp guys. but of cos with the encouragement and guidance of ppl whom i'm v grateful to...

and so i shall be gone to the esplanade soon. hopefully my vocal fatigue can be relieved.

hm. i'm suddenly less pessimistic abt friendships drifting bcos the reason why you were friends in the first place will always be there, and u will rediscover it whenever u make an effort to contact each other.

haha 2 days ago i was saying i miss myself, now i'm enjoying being myself, i think.

6:27 p.m. - 2005-07-20



(class bbq yest) BUTS with bena sang lijia sya clar cheukka and then 111 back to RJ and some photo taking. i dint quite feel as nostalgic as i thought i would, which is, frankly, bad, or perhaps, very bad. i dont quite want to grow out of my JC self. hmmmmm.

but i guess life goes on, and really, u cant hold on to memories forever. still, i wish i could.

i miss being myself.

12:00 a.m. - 2005-07-18



i suppose cooking isnt tt hard if u dun have overly high expectations of the taste/texture/presentation/etc. mmm ahhhh so tt's y learning to cook isnt tt easy.

played badminton and it was quite nice. could always learn to play it better of course, as with all other sports.

in a way, i'm rather tired. need some motivation badly (incidentally i need a much larger variety of vocab v badly too). life aint tt bad but there needs to be a goal.

n it was really nice when my dad passed me the binoculars and i looked at the moon. perhaps, living on the moon would be a good idea.

12:23 a.m. - 2005-07-15



sec 1. running away with the wind. may it bring memories to all who can rmb the song.

oooooo. (x many many)

when the friendly wind is blowing from the sea,
there's a voice that seems to whisper
come on and follow me.
and the seabirds flying by,
are calling me in their song.
and i know tt when tml comes along,
i'll be gone

cos i'm running away with the wind,
drifting along with the wind,
looking above all the mountains and valleys,
going where i can be free.
and i'm sailing away with the sun,
clearing the clouds from my mind,
keeping an eye on the distant horizon
leaving my troubles behind

12:31 a.m. - 2005-07-14



Qui soit en tous bien parfais telle
C'est ung songe que d'i penser...

illumine le rire, et les pleurs

sub Pontio pilato, passus et se pultus

Et gaudebit cor vestrum


lim-pa-ko-pi-ko ma-la-la-go i-si da-ling, da-on si Bo-ro-bo-ro, bu-kas ka-sa-i-sa

i-na-bac-mi-da-i-da.... dong dong ay-si-dong-i lay

So goodbye and Amen.... Tresbien, but it was just, one of those |

so trimly dight, with feathers like a lady bright

All men are brothers until, the day, they die

Vel, jeri gul, arzvaigzhem acis.
Vel, delu sapnos, arkligul
Ka muzibu uz slieksna kul
Bet mate saule baltu sviestu
(laiks rite)
[tris gadsim...], [stundastris]
Kad modamies, jau saule gaja. Pasosu gatvi, debesis


11:57 p.m. - 2005-07-12



somehow i always run into tiffany. today was at ikea. anw i was there for a satisfying meal and bought a frame which was way too large for my puzzle but nvm haha.

then went to sim lim to see if i shud buy a mac or a pc. havent decided hm

7:40 p.m. - 2005-07-12



mm just rmbed, i kinda made an attempt to exercise and managed a 4.5km run without getting tired. though i prob took quite long. was an interesting route though, and could have been longer. next time...

this is what i do at bhss:

*coughs* ahem

12:04 a.m. - 2005-07-12



yay just finished the jigsaw puzzle i bought the other day. nice to do it with my dad and argue every now and then over which piece is right.

the solution to the perennial congestion at the junction btwn taka and mandarin is simply ingenious.

10:49 p.m. - 2005-07-10



there was school everyday, and will be for 2 more days nxt week. observed classes (from home econs, to computing applications, to english classes - with a quiz in which we participated in), watched chinese opera (prd to say my school did v well).

dont actually think tt i can make any solid suggestions to the school cos the entire duration is too short. or any conclusive conclusions abt the effects of the streaming system. but what i know is tt a policy has apparently been changed: N(T) students who in the past had to live with their label for the rest of their sec sch lives now have the chance to advance up the streams, and it is heartening to know tt many want to work hard to do so.

things i learnt:
(1) tt i shud nvr see things only from my perspective
e.g. i strongly believe tt putting the best students together is the right way to go cos it provides a competitive environment. but it really depends on the overall situation. perhaps tt was ok in RJ bcos generally ppl are still motivated.

(2) tt i shudnt try to affect behaviour thru implementing systems and rules/policies.
e.g. i thought perhaps we culd assign HI (hearing impaired) students to the N(T) students but sometimes things can happen naturally and it wuld be better tt way.

there was a meet-the-people session too. and it was quite funny at times, sad at times. and actually, "ti2 xiao4 jie1 fei1" at times. gives u a feel of what ppl come to see the MPs for, and it made me wonder. hmmmmmmmmmmmm. it just isnt right for us to make the judgment that some of these things being brought up are trivial i guess.

11:32 p.m. - 2005-07-09



it seems to me as if beijing just shen'ed-ao-cheng-gong last year. n today we have london.

kinda tired of telling myself this. start trying!

o yes i actually met kah hua last night...

9:37 p.m. - 2005-07-06



i quote an entry from 2002-10-12:

following from david lim's inspirational session (it's more him than his presentation being inspirational): are ur thoughts facts, or what you believe to be true (n therefore possibly false). and set crystal clear goals.

always treasure ur first-times bcos there's only 1 first time.

and from CPT Justiin: you're now going from conscious incompetence to conscious competence. (the other 2 "states" to complete the picture being unconscious [in]competence) [you referring to hk of cos]

anyhow. i'm currently fine with the PDC. more comfortable/enjoying it more compared to at the beginning. which is good. mm some singing tonight haha. but it's still so diff from singing in a choir.

11:40 p.m. - 2005-07-05



jelita delifrance ---> cedele
hopefully it'll be a nice place. but somehow nice = high P(close down)

12:29 a.m. - 2005-07-05



bookout time is so much more precious than the free time i have now. why must we treasure and appreciate things only when they are rare?

anyhow i spent my past 2 days well. met christelle (took a little walk ard bishan moelc+ite), singyong/conrad (mahjong. had a 13 "yao" aka 13 wonders in exchange for the loss of a blue sgd note -!!!), reginald (borders bistro).

at the arcade today it occurred to me again how intriguing it is that you can learn/experience things by blindly following instructions/responding to stimuli on-screen. e.g. ddr/percussion/etc. mm. what else can these creative game-creators come up with next? which reminds me. imagining the future is truly mind-boggling. not as easy as extrapolating the past and present to the future. there could be new dimensions. [sorry i cant express myself well]

it's great tt i can feel happy when my friends are happy/enjoying themselves.

11:43 p.m. - 2005-07-03



cluster balloon!
nazca lines!

11:55 a.m. - 2005-07-02



realized i dun use the net for much nowadays.

mmm. obs was quite interesting. served its objective of getting us to know each other better. nice camp. the high obstacles were good. learnt to appreciate the importance of every team member.

went to bena's clinic tonight and had a v filling dinner *burps*. nice to chat with friends...

12:18 a.m. - 2005-07-02



was so tired from sleeping late last night. i just collapsed onto bed the whole evening today. and err will collapse again after bathing/packing. haha.

ought to be reflecting though.

i need passion. motivation.

11:16 p.m. - 2005-06-27



sth abt toothpaste i found out while visiting the pharmacy:
saccharin is used as a sweetener in toothpaste (in the form of its sodium salt)
toothpaste for sensitive teeth? active ingredients usu KNO3 or SrCl2.6H2O why? why? why? hm too sleepy to think now. but of cos it's to do with the K+ and Cl-... think abt it.
mm and sth called triclosan is used also. some powerful antimicrobial agent.

mm btw what happened why is the frequency of mrt trains so low nowadays. period of 7 minutes! fare hike some more...

mm yes learning this duet so tt i can play with my piano teacher in august. exciting!

met bena/sang for tea, bena/lijia (not tt i know lijia personally) for mr/mrs smith [rather enjoyable] and then sing yong for dinner / kino shopping. bought haha totto chan in jap, le petit prince in french. errr yar i'm gonna learn french one day u c.

naxos.com "how to enjoy a live concert"
'But don't be fooled by all the judgment that surrounds classical music. The listener's task is not to pass judgment, it is to be affected.'

mm lets see how tml goes. first day of the course. then back outfield!!!

12:05 a.m. - 2005-06-27



mm my hse is still in a mess thanx to my nvr-ending packing process. i'm impossibly slow and lazy

12:25 p.m. - 2005-06-25



the nkf. it's getting irritating actually... thanks to tt stupid health check in j1 (and they said i had v high fat content i recall), i'm now receiving calls every year on my handphone from some ppl of unknown ethnicity [somehow their english is always heavily accented. ah but i know they're not indians]. though come to think of it i nvr got the card last year. haha.

12:10 p.m. - 2005-06-25



hm with my short memory i shall recall what i've been doing since i disrupted.

not too hard actually isnt it. lots and lots of sleep. lol.

then went to labrador park with my dad. quite a disappointment for a "gazetted nature reserve area". maybe cos the tide wasnt low enough, and maybe much more patience is required, or maybe i just din know where to look. but yup. and then to the showflats nxtdoor. the caribbean. quite exciting actually. ex shipyard with docks, and these form part of the condo now. hm. and err just to reiterate how tired i was. slept once i reached home.

today there was a trip to the amk polyclinic and toa payoh library (where i borrowed ulysses) then to bugis where i had a macau-style lunch with candice. nice stuff there. quite hilarious and perhaps embarassing how we got out of the place and i dragged her in again for dessert which i somehow forgot, merely 5 seconds later. and the manager was kind enough to remove the towels so tt we din have to pay for all tt rubbish. hahahaha. then there were the civil defence museum and the philatelic museum. enough for a day.

i overheard some hong konger's conversation on the train ride and i started thinking abt how my cantonese doesnt sound singaporean (thankfully, phew) and yet it doesnt sound tt hongkonger-like either. i propose it's sth like a 1992-hongkong accent or more specifically a 6-yr-old-boy-1992-hongkong accent; i've kinda undergone errr spatial separation and it's like allopatric speciation. mm. which in some ways make me feel like i've lost a part of my identity. *shocking* i dunno. do i miss hong kong!? do i really feel more at home when i'm there?

ah yes was at hdb gallery (hdb hub). and the fascinating stuff is not really the content but the technology they use to present their content. really the newest and most expensive stuff. or perhaps innovative in the way they use very standard materials. as was so at the civil defence gallery. and the philatelic museum. ahaha.

quite a gd day in general

9:18 p.m. - 2005-06-24



and indeed i'm out. 24km route march was easy. but i need sleep now! :D

10:42 p.m. - 2005-06-22


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